The first time in my life that I really had to use discipline was the first 10 days after my first doctors appointment. True discipline was needed to get me through 10 gruelin’ days of eating only four things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My only options were rice, pears, sweet potatoes and wild meat.

(ok, ok, if you expand on the wild meat category than I had a few other options.) The meats included elk, venison, salmon and a few other random creatures from the sea.

Hummm … how was this goin’ to work and in how many ways could I cheat? How could I sneak in a few cookies? Pasta? or a big pot of mashed taters? The options and the cravin’s were endless but the discipline that I pulled out was clearly not my own. Deep down I know where it came from and am thankful for the extra help. Funny how the mind will try to trick you into thinkin’ that you can’t survive with out chips, cake or better yet CUPCAKES!!!

Whinin’ and cryin’ commenced through those 10 days of only eatin’ the four things. Once I figured out garlic and cinnamon were in the pills that I was taking to clean out my GI track – Voila! – fresh garlic was introduced. Cinnamon came in the next mornin’ when I grilled my pears on the bbq and ate them over a bowl of rice. One can become very creative when stuck with only 4 things to eat. Readin’ the labels of the meds from a natural-path can open up the whole herb world and bring back flavor!

Understandably, the body does get tired of eatin’ a few things but it simplified what was for dinner and for 10 days I didn’t hear the dreaded question “What”s for dinner?”

The days were long are hard, energy levels where super low and the headaches that came due to the sugar cravin’s were like living through detox of some bad drug. The shakes kicked in and the naps were endless but I stuck to the plan. The headaches stopped a week into the process and the cravings for watermelon kicked in hard! Anythin’ green actually! That was it I couldn’t take it anymore. The naps were great and I had enjoyed giving every excuse for nappin’ and gettin’ away with it but there came a point when even I noticed it was too much.

I needed lettuce, carrots, celery!

I needed greens!!

This was not because I missed them oh, so much. My body was cravin’ greens out of a life and death situation.

Greens pronto! Greens stat!! Greens in an IV!!

This was the one and only time that I broke down and ate a salad. Turns out that was one of the greatest moves that my brain decided to make. The energy levels perked up and in four hours I had the entire house cleaned and laundry done. BUT as soon as the energy came on (doom, boom, doom) I crashed. Back to the couch I landed for a three hour nap.

When Dr. Mandy heard the story of the salad she ended up changin’ my medicines around. Originally she had ordered a pre-natal that would boost my vitamin deficiency, which it did, but she handed me a huge bottle and said make a shake everyday with a scoop of this. (She was so cute at this point. She lit up and a shit eatin’ grin came across her face as if she was a stranger handin’ me a piece of candy!) Antioxidants!!! My new candy was in the form of blended pears, water, a scoop of this strange yellow powdery stuff, cinnamon and ice. Good thing it was the middle of summer.

Sticking to something for any length of time has really never been a “thing” for me. If somethin’ didn’t work then I would instantly move on. Switch gears. Move out of town. Get rid of everythin’.

Discipline this time was not an option.

To heal I needed to stick with my new found candy. This meant that I had to have a change. Not just a change in diet to lose weight. I was starin’ down the barrel of a shot gun and had to make one of the biggest life changes ever. Scary? Hell yes! I had to suck it up. I needed to have such a moment in time to stop me in my tracks and start me over. My eatin’ habits were not all that bad. They were just not right for my insides. Eating foods I have been allergic to all my life was killin’ me. All the chemicals, hormones and preservatives was maintainin’ life but it wasn’t a life that was goin’ to be long lived or well lived. My death was loomin’ and was goin’ to be before I was old and it was goin’ to be painful. Guaranteed.

Discipline comes every day now. The candy shakes are a permanent addition. The decisions about food are calculated, thought out, and seriously examined. Each meal is a balancin’ act of choosing to suffer from a headaches and belly aches to eating a clean well deserved balanced meal. More often then not I choose to do the right. I choose to eat what I am supposed to and now the life change has created a lifestyle change with the garden. I choose to eat at home rather than eat out. I choose to preserve my foods rather then waste it by tossing the left overs out.

Next up will be a big blood draw again in November to see what is missing from the trace minerals. This will help break down the sugars that are still recordin’ at high levels. We hope. Once the results are back, and we can see what is missin’, then we will know what to do to make sure that the garden soil will be perfect and that we get the nutrients we need from that outside metabolism that we call dirt.

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