December so far …

December has started off so well this year. So many things have been happening, accomplished and celebrated in the first 7 days!




Here it is Pearl Harbor day which is set aside for remembering the souls that lost their lives in the bombings that Japan delivered upon American soil so many years ago. BUT for us it’s a day to remember all the fighters who stayed home from war and fought for their lives with their Victory Gardens and healthy eating. We celebrate today by working in our own little victory garden celebrating the personal freedom we choose to use over rotten produce from our local grocery store.

It’s interesting … since taking in this project on Mother’s Day weekend we have noticed so much with in our personal lives that have changed. We are not yet told that we can not have a garden with in our front yard like so many cities around the U.S. We haven’t been told we were dumb for thinking of the idea or criticized for our hard work. The opposite has happened. We have been praised, been bombarded with people wanting the extras and have come up with plans for growing our food production and preserving what we can.

Today marks a great day for our little plot of land. We went to pick up a truck load of salvage from a family that is rebuilding their garden fences with metal. Now we can finish the fencing along the back yard for the brambles to crawl upon.


Seeds were planted in the recycled milk containers that we have been saving over the past few months and the brambles have been pruned and are now ready to move them when the fence gets built.


Work Christmas parties have opened the holiday season and I for one am thankful for the night out dressed up! Once in a full moon does this kinda thing happen on an island. Or it only happens when you are desperate to get out of your flannel lined wranglers and shower the dirt off.


The Christmas spirit has completely invaded our lives and the decorations have gone up in full force. Cookies and fudge are on the menu for this weekend, wedding cookies and Buckeyes are on the agenda for next. The shopping has started but the best part is … Advent has also started.

Celebrating the first week of Advent brought with it the feelings and desires for hope. They say that those who plant seeds have the expectant desire to see a future. “Be strong and if good courage for I have a better future planned for you.” Well, we fall into that category nicely. We wait with expectant hope for the future.

We plan for the future.
We plan for the garden.
We plan so we don’t fail.

As I sit out side by the warmth of the campfire I think back to the year that we had and am thankful for the grilled dinners that were made right here on the flame. We celebrated my 40th birthday right here around this same campfire with new recycled street lamps made from chandeliers and had friends laughing, drinking and eating pizza!


We are all looking forward to what next week will bring. We are all looking forward to the coming year and what it will bring. Once again more milestones will be celebrated and more laughter await.

Merry December to you all!
Happy Christmas!!
Season’s Holiday Greetings!!

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