Kindness. Seashells. Purple Mason Jars.

Purple Jars

IMG_8530“They” say “Kindness begets kindness.” When you do something nice for another then they naturally do something nice in return. Or so “they” say. We all know it doesn’t work that way all the time nor should we expect a kindness in return.  Like “they” say at Christmas “It’s better to give then to receive.” But how many of us still get butt hurt when we don’t get anything in return?

We all have many sides to us. (Kinda like being shaped liked a stop sign.) 8 sides to represent different aspects of ongoing daily life. We work hard at our jobs or at least go for the paycheck even though we despise being there. We want and need more time with family during the holidays or Spring Break. We want our hang out times with good friends, good food, and good drinks … laughter that last for hours and a good night sleep satisfied by the wrinkles formed from our laugh lines. Some of us spend many waking hours praying to our higher power in hopes that there will be favor poured out upon us.

One aspect of our lives seems to always take the front center stage. Usually we can count on our professions for the time hog. Not much can be done anymore without money exchanged, we gotta pay bills, we gotta buy food, we gotta yada yada the list goes on. We all struggle with what can we do to make things better or easier.


Always searching for that more complete centered life.
Always searching for balance.

One side of my life is of course my professional life, this intersects with about three other sides and turns into a big cloudy mess which I absolutely love. For years now I have been a consultant you could say for small businesses, mostly women starting out on their own, getting their feet wet, and making money on their passions. We work mainly through the basics of how things work and why they work so well but I have been finding there is a serious missing link to the women and the bigger question of why they do the things they do. Why do you want to start your business, why do you think it would help locally or globally? Sorry to say that not many even think outside the preverbal box and understand what they could leave behind as a legacy.

You could say I am the annoying 2 year old in a private business meeting.
Why? Why? Why? That question will come out more times then any other word. Stamp that GUARANTEED!

Just recently I spent a good solid 6 weeks of Sunday’s working with a couple that are venturing out on their own in the business world. What a change of pace. Two different mindsets at the same table and yet two different passions and two different plans. Love a good challenge but this was by far the greatest gift that I could share.


We sat Sunday after Sunday at our dining room table. Searching, researching, and note taking the many possibilities that lie ahead for each of them. Notebooks were filled, sharpies went dry from the picture drawing, excitement was shown and heart wrenching decisions were made. All in the comfort of the country style wooden chairs. My heart sings as I look back over the time spent. What I dished out for free 6 weeks not only opened the eyes of the two about to fly but it raised my serotonin levels to new highs. (To bad Dr. Mandy didn’t draw blood on those days!)


I can be a sucker and a push over with my knowledge, skills and expertise but not this time. The want to give was stronger then the need to be paid. There was no invoice exchanged, no intention of money exchanged, no desire for the want of getting anything in return. Just the desire to watch these two successfully launch their dreams.


I had no idea that my kindness would be repaid with the absolute most perfect gift. Really!! What garden savvy creature who has loved the color purple her entire life wouldn’t die for the new Ball Canning Mason Jars in said purple!?(Insert sappy swooning here) Don’t ponder this question too hard. Just go with it. My eye lashes batted a few times, my heart skipped several beats, and once again my serotonin levels reached an all time high!

Kindness begets kindness.

Little did I know that kindness not only begets kindness but it begets appreciation, it begets gratitude, it begets deeper relationships, it begets … love. Sooooooo, I could not bear to seal up my collard greens that wintered over and hide the jars in my pantry. Seriously just couldn’t do it. My mind pondered for several days as to what I would do with the beautiful pint gems. Then it hit me! We need  some new fancy Hillbilly Wine Goblets!!


Thats It!!
They will be perfect!!

Kindness begets kindness begets more kindness.

We can now have a fancy-dancy dinner party for 6 and break open a newly  sealed bottle of homemade wine and everyone can partake in the kindness. A present such as this should never be tucked away hidden on a shelf, no way! This type of kindness needs to be shared over and over again.


Many trips to the junk stores and extreme hours spent searching for the perfect glass candlesticks proved worthless but when small little vases caught my eye I knew those were going to be perfect. Filled each vase with tiny shells from collected necklaces, epoxied the tops to the bottoms of the jars and bingo!

Perfected kindness.


Now I take this moment to raise my purple perfected goblet and say cheers! Cheers to the humans that understand working hard on oneself, who learn from heartfelt gratitude, who share a deep sense of love with their friends, who strive for simplicity, who pray for abundance, but most of all those who share their kindness to the world


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