Kerr Canning. Vintage Pictures.


A friend of mine handed me a ruffled pile of old canning books the other day to look through. As son as she mentioned they were from her grandma of course I grabbed them and greedily started rummaging through the timeworn pages. Ahhh the musty smell of old books and spoiled old dried up ink really knows how to get my heart pumping! Especially when there are piles and piles of old recipes that need to be restored to glory!! Well, I couldn’t leave the treasures hidden. Below you will find pictures from a vintage Kerr Mason Jar Canning catalog where they are selling not only jars but a well lived life that can only be provided from a stash of glass mason jars. right here you will find everything from baby food jars/recipes to packing in the meats for winter! Enjoy! All rights to the pictures really belong to Kerr so treat them with the utmost respect!

IMG_1677 IMG_1676 IMG_1675 IMG_1674 IMG_1673 IMG_1672 IMG_1671 IMG_1670

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