Today. Tomorrow. Farmer’s Market.

“We do not see things as they are,
we see things as we are.”


Now with this said I want to take you through the Farmer’s Markets of home via pictures and tell you a story at the same time.

Everyday the Saucy Roots email boxes get trashed with junk and spam emails that come in from gawd-knows-where and we have to sit through shifting our minds from one subject line to the other in hopes of finding the gem in the rubble. We are not all logical enough, patient enough, to sit through hours of unsubscribing to gawd-only-knows what list and how we go there in the first place, its easier to just push the delete button on everyone that we don’t want. BUT once in a great while a subject line will catch our eye and we will dive whole-heartedly into the details of the message.

One such message came across my email not long ago that really got to the core of how life works from a perspective of here today gone tomorrow. If you don’t mind I would like to share that message with you in my own way.

We are living each day. We wake up and find the sun pouring through the windows. We head off to our jobs after morning coffee (or in my case tea). We have the wonderful opportunity to work 8 hours in a job that we may love or hate then we have the pleasure of driving home. Some of us are lucky to be greeted with a tail wag and others are lucky enough to see their significant others and melt into hugs and kisses. When we look back on our day did we really enjoy it?

Did we really live up to the best it could be?
Did we just wander through just like yesterday?
Did we really live in the reality of the day and make it the best that we could by enjoying each moment or expressing an emotion that would have been memorable?

When stuck in a daily routine we have the tendencies to spin the hamster wheel over and over again. A lot of us really don’t look for through the seed catalogs and search for something different. We tend to gravitate towards picking the same seeds for food that we know have been successful growers and foods that we know our family members will eat.

If we are to be different or want to experience change then we have to break out of those boundaries of routine and switch things up a bit. So what is the ultimate secret to happiness and success? The answer is change or in this case a new variety of seed. Something to grow that is different, this will force us to look into new recipes for cooking or for preserving. This opens out minds and spreads our horizons to other countries where the seeds could have originated from.

IMG_1012_2Change it up! Dance while brushing your teeth in the morning! Skip the coffee, suffer through the caffeine with drawls for a week or two and drink lemon water! You will save money from all those Starbucks stops but most of all you will be doing your body a great relief by flushing all the caffeine out that you don’t need. This will quickly bring you to your present state of dread. Promise.

You will suffer the pain of the headaches.
You will suffer. This will bring you smack dab into the present reality of your truths.

So what does this mean for you? Keep your attention on what is in front of you … today. Look at your day for what it is and what you have to offer to it. Not saying to look at the day or your world or your environment as what you want it to be or how you wish it could be but truly as it is. It often means you will have to take on arguments that you may not want to deal with, it may mean looking at your partner in a completely different light, it may mean that those dreamy wonder-filled glasses that you have been wearing really do have smudges right across the lens and are not showing you everything that you really need to know.

When the glasses come off and you start being honest about the seed catalogs or the massive email flush that you must do everyday you start to look at yourself and notice the things that are working and what isn’t. The dragon of truth can rear up and blast us straight to the heart killing all hope of a dream world that really doesn’t exist. This then opens the opportunity to see the changes that you need to make. Maybe that looks like you need to plant those eggplants and try out some different recipes to broaden the meals in your life, maybe the new reality looks like you need to schedule a block of time to unsubscribe to most of the emails that you believe to be trash now. Maybe, just maybe you will also see the excuses you have been telling yourself for far to long about why you put things on hold or why you procrastinate beyond measure.

Once you can see the truth in what is happening then you can start making the changes that you need to stop the excuse train and avoid the same mistakes over and over again. Train wrecks always start with a habitual pattern on the same tracks that we travel on. When we do not see the obsticle in the way because we clearly have that smudge on our glasses then the destruction happens.


In the meantime we also need to be able to see what is going on in the future, whether its next Wednesday or two months from now. What do you want your future to look like? If you pick out those eggplant seeds you must have a plan b if the fam. really wont eat them. If you end up with bushels of purple gems are you going to past them off to the neighbor, the people at work or your willing yet beggin’ dog that seems to think he would eat anything you put in front of him. (oh wait … that is our Buck-Roo) Short of overdosing your dog on eggplant there has to be a better way!

What about getting space at the farmer’s market? Well heck if you are getting space to rent you better have a plan to fill it unless you are going to be known as the one hit wonder with those perfect eggplants. This could lead you into a whole nother future in farming that you never expected! Would that really be so bad? You could give up your day job and swap soil stories with the others that have booths at the market. What’s holding you back? $3.99 for a packet of seeds is nothing compared to the dividends you will get from a massively well thought out business plan for a working farm, right!?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Develop your idea! Draw it out! Level the playin’ field between your present boss and your family. Be very clear about your aspirations and your ambitions. Be very forthright with what your willing to produce and what you are willing to sacrifice for that dream. Build a scrapbook of ideas! One day you just may be pulling out radishes and carrots to bring to the farmer’s market so that I can walk by and snap pictures of so that I can publish them in a great post with another great story!  🙂

Be in the moments of today and see the reality of your days.
Be present in your tomorrows so that your glasses will be clear of smudges and your future will end up being the brightest future that it can be. It only takes a moment to turn your face from the habits of yesterday and form a new tomorrow that is full of promise.

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