Garden Parties. House Parties. Rest Houses.

IMG_6870“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”. – Albert Camus

Funny. I find it funny how things just simply fall into place when you have a plan. Ok. Here is what I am talking about. Strategic planning or thinking strategically to get things done. We all know that we need to plan out an event all the way down to the very last detail, for example the correct spelling on a place card at the dinner table. Everything has to be perfect, everything has to be on a time line so that people that are helping or invited have a chance to work the details such as the date and time into their own personal schedules. BUT how many of us really do the detail work on our own personal lives? Very few. If we try to set things up we either fall apart eventually or even quit half way through thinking it really doesn’t matter anyway. We have no focus or accountability to keep going except to ourselves and really who are we to judge ourselves for not finishing, we can talk our way out of anything, really. No hard feelings in the wake of a decision canceled or a ball dropped.

Over the last four years I have been given a word  for the year. This word concept was inspired by a “friend” I follow on facebook. She is more like a person that I follow because she was an inspiration that helped me out of a seriously large whole that I had dug myself into, but that is for another time and post. With the idea concept well placed in my mind, I did just that, I came up with a word. The first year the first word was YES. I was bound and determined to learn the meanings of my yeses and when to use them and how to use them. First of all I was going to say yes to getting out of bed. ( Baby steps here people. Baby steps. ) Then I gradually worked my way into saying yes, to having a better attitude whether it killed me or not. You get the picture.


Since then I have been given a new word each year. This is year four, by the way, and I am working on understanding the true meaning of freedom. oh, Hello! That is not such an easy word to understand especially at the depths that it has taken me over the last 9 months. Straight to the pits of hell and back. Literally. Ok so this really isn’t the point of my post either but you get a little back ground on where I am headed.

Five years ago a major life event happened that shattered everything I knew about myself and about who I wanted to be. So the path I was headed on had to change, luckily, so it has. Plans and schedules are a little more apart of my daily life now and I have actually had to learn to throw out some of my own boundaries for the sake of peace in my head and stillness in my heart. Since becoming a better thinker and learning what a day planner is really used for you could say my five year plan is looking pretty good. Hell, I plan out things so far in freakin’ advance that it scares me sometimes. Yes, I leave tons of room for being spontaneous but really I like the way life is headed now. Structure has done me good. My alone hours are jammed pack full of bursting ideas, massive reading, and of course the everyday stuff that is required for living, like work, growin’ gardens, and playin’ with the black boys.


Once I made the decision to have a plan and to choose what kind of life I wanted, things have fallen straight in line with what my heart truly longs for in the unique lifestyle that is all my own. Thank gawd that lifestyle will always consist of jeans and boots. I wasn’t built for shiny palaces and fancy dinner parties with snooty people. If you haven’t guessed by now … I am a cancer. Through and through. I am always feeling the moon changing the water levels in me and my one favorite healing quiet place is bobbing up and down in a boat on the ocean where nothing can touch me. So I think anyways. ( Please don’t try and burst my bubble about deep water and sharks. ) I am a stay at home kinda girl. I thrive in teaching, coaching, coming up with massive creative ideas that have to bless others. I love the roar of my own campfire, I love to crack open our homemade wine and laugh with friends on our own front yard patio. Spendin’ little money to create the best of memories. To do this it really requires time spent alone and being flat out crazy.

So to make life better I have to get out of myself. Oh dear gawd what does that mean? It was a quote that I butchered so that I could remember it. It means ( in a nut shell ) that I have to always stop thinking about myself and start to think of others. Oh dear lawrd, that means I actually have to crawl out of my crab shell and look around. Those are often terrifying moments. The scareiest moment of all was the realization that other people could physically see me. Yikes! Yes, I didn’t realize that other people could physically see me. So that is what I am doing. Looking around at others as I awkwardly realize that people are looking back. Still such a strange feeling. People really can see me in the grocery store. Maybe you could say I had my head in my shell way to long. That’s not to say it wasn’t crammed up my butt!

One of the things I have noticed on this new life journey is this. We need times of rest. Times of quietness. Times of solitude. Times of interaction. Times to just hang out and leave the stresses behind. There was a story I read not to long ago about the “Rest Houses” in Burma. Have you heard of these? I tried looking them up on google but found nothing and since I have not been to Burma in the last 2 centuries since the story was written I could not say for sure that this is even a true story but the concept has stuck with me like fruit flies on a glass of homemade wine.


True or untrue along the highways of Burma there are places situated amongst the trees and set back off the beaten path little houses that are know as “Rest Houses” They were typically hidden in the shade of a group of trees and were built of wooden materials. These rest houses were for the weary traveler, placed at certain points along the road to give a place of rest, drink, and food for a weary traveler. Water and food were provided by locals for religious duty. ( Is this where our Potty stops on the freeway come from with the donation jars of free coffee and sugar cookies? ) One of the best lines of the story though reads something like this: “Along the great highway of life there are such resting places; away from the heat of passion and the dust of disappointment, under the cool refreshing shade of lowly wisdom are the humble, unimposing “Rest Houses” of peace, and the little, almost unnoticed byways of blessings where alone the weary and foot sore can find strength and healing.” Whoa! Hello! So that was word for word from the author. memorized. Thank you James Allen

I have taken this idea to a whole new level of awesomeness. I get what the guy was saying in his book and I can appreciate the context he was uttering but the need to Dezify everything is on the top of my list. This is exactly what I have done. Considering that we all need time, freedom, and space to rest the Saucy Roots Garden will  be opened four times this year for that purpose. We have had our Campfire Grills on Friday nights with friends but nothing comes close the the “garden/home parties” that we have had or in this upcoming case will have. Our House has turned into the perfect “Rest House” along the byways of hurried life and disappointments. Perfect for this little crab I must say. Our home space has turned into a rest place for the hurried worker bees that we call friends. We have opened our hearts to these people and given them a place to come to when we all need a chance to relax without troubles, rejuvenate our minds, and challenge our selves with a different types of thinking. If you read through our post Abundance. Solstice. Fire. then you already have a sneak peek of what I am talking about. If you haven’t then get over there and check it out. There are special moments that happen during a Saucy Roots Rest Stop.


We are gearing up for our next Rest House / Rest Stop evening and we sure wish we could invite everyone but the yard is only so big, for now. This time we are celebrating the harvest in a very dezified way. We are going all out with the evening and of course there will be fire involved. I have been posting to #dragonsalyinhoshana for sometime now through Instagram and through Twitter. Some of the images there are snippets of what is to come.

So back to the plan. We have planned out four events for this year and they all coincide with the changes of the seasons or the changes of time, or the changes in the sun, or really whatever the mood strikes. Four times this year the Rest House will be open for the perfectly needed nourishment that can only come from a well deserved night out with friends. How many times have you stepped outside yourself and looked at your friends to notice when they need a night out to think different, dress different, challenge themselves, be refreshed from the months of stress that lies before them? Well, I can honestly say that it is a treat for me to offer such a space. It is a blessing on the rough road we call life. Our evenings are the joy in my heart.


Dragon Slayin’ Hoshana is about a night of wresting with our dragons, facing our fears, and conquering the demons that lie with in that continually stop us short from being spectacular. Its about courage, strength and hope. WE look to the seed as our perfect example of all these virtues since it really does that courage to bust out of our hardcore shells, strength to spread our roots and reach for the stars and hope that one day we will not only reach those stars but accomplish being the humans that we were really meant to be and hoping for a better tomorrow not only for ourselves but the others that we come in contact with. We will be celebrating our accomplishments, conquering our dragons, feasting on the summers bounty and best of all reveling in each others company, while laughing and passing around the freshly brewed purple people eater punch!

We challenge you in the autumn months to take a serious look at your day planner. How does the rest stops look for you? Do they show up as areas of peace in the hurried bustle of passionate life or do they only show up during the hours of noon and one when you can fit it in on your time sheet? Dig deep and start to think about these precious restful opportunities, you will be surprised at how your heart is revived, your mind renewed, and your ways of living challenged like never before. Find your own Dragon Slayin’ Hoshana and you too my just find yourself using a word for the year, that word could look a little something like this “REST”.




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