Determination. Tips. Monsters.

Exactly 11 days ago Saucy Roots went live on Periscope with the sole purpose of doing a blog type style delivery instead of just shooting from the hip and rambling on about the horses next door and their bloodlines, you know all that stuff that really has nothing to do with what I ever talk about in the blog.

If you are new to the Saucy Roots blog then welcome, if you don’t know what the heck Periscope is then I would say you better go and check it out! It happens to be social medias faster growing channel … ever. Anyone and everyone can get on and live broadcast from anywhere they want, and trust me they do. Sometimes scary things and some have great content and messages that are worth following. Twitter we all thank you fro creating this monster.

Anyhooooooooo, on the scope I tried to portray a feeling that I was having that day, three helpful tips and helpful ideas on how to get things done. There is a project going on for the month of October that requires building courage each day to scope about something so that people can build the nerve up to be in front of the camera, deliver content, and answer questions live! Trust me this is no easy task. Melissa from can be on of the most challenging woman to put this on or one of the most hated. In my book what she has done with the challenge has been great. Now, I do not go on periscope everyday and follow the guidelines that she has set up … still a little bit nervous … I look weird on camera … I sound like a 12 year old little girl … so many excuses so little time, right!? Well #periscopewithpurpose is what the projects name is if you want to follow the hashtag. So the scope that I ran was a combination of three days worth of ideas crammed into one. It actually worked really well.

IMG_2673Ahead of time I thought out the way that I would lay out my delivery, where my “props” would be, and the things that I would say. Luckily my 3 tips were hand written on the recycled wooden mini blinds that I have been using to mark where things are panted in the garden. It looked a little like the picture over to the right. Tip number one was all about thinking. When starting to layout a plan for your life or for your garden space we all need to sit and think about what the heck we want it to look like or how we want the space to flow or how we want our lives to look according to the path that we have chosen for ourselves.  Having the tip number and the word after it really helped me stay on track with a bunch of live viewers watching.

Nerve racking. Finger nail biting. Crazy shit!
It’s really weird that I get the hives when I get in front of the camera because this was a everyday occurence in high school. Well that was a long time ago. Givin’ my self a little break here. Really I don’t break out in hives but good gawd it is nerve racking!

Moving on. Tip #2 was about planning. Once the thinking process is over we need to pull those dreams out of the sky and put them to paper. Not only in the form of a written goal that is clearly stated in the I AM form and as if you have already accomplished it but it helps to dig out the graph paper and start laying out the garden boxes you are so desiring, if that is what you chose to think and plan. Using the garden boxes as the perfect example it was easy to explain to the audience the process of which we went through to maintain our budget and physically space the boxes according to the graph paper plan. A bit old school, that graph paper business but hey, some of us are stuck in that generational gap of not always running to the computer first thing and pulling up the latest CAD program to draw up specifics. Some of us still like the feel of a sharp wooded number 2 pencil and the perfectly pounded piece of paper to draw on.

The other great  part about using the oh so lovely props in the garden is this … Tip #2 was perfectly placed right beside the new asters that were put in after the Dragon Slaying Hoshana Party! Thinkin’ and plannin’ ahead really pays off. Knowing that next year the garden is going to be growing more salsa type foods we needed to not only think ahead about what companion plants were needed for them but also plannin’ to get them ahead of time so that they can take root before next spring rolls around. Basically the flowers were a great visual clue for me to remember to say that part out loud. Still need to get other companions for the garden next year but some of those will really have to wait for spring.

IMG_2675Moving right along to Tip #3 – Seed. Ahhhh, now this is where the rubber meets the road. Where our thinkin’ and plannin’ hits the skid marks or truly travels on down the road of accomplishment. For some people the brakes are applied and the yellow light of caution starts a flashing. But to seed, this really boils down to the takin’ action process. As I mentioned before in tip number 2 we planted asters for next years garden because they will be great companions for tomatoes and the other plants that are going in for the summer. We took action by buying the plants ahead of time, ok a whole three seasons ahead of time and already have them planted in the boxes that will require their presence. I only show you this because its pretty darn simple once you have worked out all the details in the thinkin’ and plannin’ stages. Taking action is the fun and best part! If the goals you have set are challenging enough, scary enough and yet do able then you have nothing to worry about except the harvest you will get to reap next year!

Monsters. Monsters are those ugly creatures that rear their ugly heads. When we are not watching the monsters jump in and scare the daylights out of us and then we have no control of what happens next. Planning will help with the monsters. Planning and action will slow down how many monsters we get in a life time. The monsters are the one thing that we can or cannot control but they are up to you in how you will handle them and learn from them. I’m not going to dive to far into the monsters since I will save that for the people that watched the show live. If you haven’t jumped onto periscope yet then you might want to! It’s fun and at times a great learning tool but watch out it can be a great time waster also!


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