FoFancie. Floral Arrangin’. SaucyRoots Style.

“… even the tiniest things can hold the world’s biggest, fullest, boldest joy!” – Ashley, Etsy Admin


In celebration of the seasons most perfect flower or group of red leaves we bring to you the fun and exciting way of getting a little Saucy Roots Style for your self in your Christmas décor! So in honor of National Poinsettia Day we bring to you a Saucy, FoFancie Floral Arrangement in full detail.

Perfection or Statements.

One could build the most fantastic piece of art by just throwing paint on a canvass and then tossing it on the wall of an art museum and slapping a grand price on it and selling it to someone that really appreciates the hard work that went into the stunning piece or the deep meaning behind such a fabulous piece but does the appreciation stop there? Making a statement such as an art piece for the wall that can be sold for millions of dollars at auction is clearly something that is only done by a select few and usually after they are dead. Yes, I am about to compare our fofancie floral display to a masterpiece. Hold on to your paint brushes because this is going to blow perfection right out of the water and allow you to have a world famous floral arrangement right in your own front yard!

Step 1: Find the perfect container.

Vases, Urns or Pots.

Most artist start their masterpieces on some sort of canvas, whether it be wood, fabric, or cement wall of the local gas station, there is always something to leave their mark on. We are starting at the same place. We need to start at the base and work our way up in the layers as if working the medium of a grand oil painting. Are you ready? We don’t need many tools just your two hands and a love of all things big and gaudy.

The urn that we are going to use in this arrangement was from the recycle bin at a friends house. Originally it held a fofancie evergreen that could have been decorated for Christmas or left plain right by the front door. This urn is heavily weighted with cement so the arrangement will not move from its spot in the wind. The flowers and leaves may fly out if not securely fastened to the urn in someway.

Single or Together.

Just like those wonderful deep meanings that you can find in a minimalist painting of one solid color you could very easily put together a floral arrangement that stands the test of boldness by making a statement with one single color. Say red for instance. Big loud burst of red could be filling the vase or urn or you could go even more simple and use a single bloom. Now if you are looking for a Saucy kinda style then you would want to bust out and use many different fofancie materials that will leave a statement of ahh and wonder by throwing together fofancie foliage and flowers, literally. In this arrangement we chose to highlight the poinsettia with a couple of velvet stemmed, gold leafed roses for a dramatic shade of darker red. Almost a wine color. Very pleasing to the eye don’t you think?

Step 2: Find grasses that will add the tallness you are looking for! Faux is better!

Using Frogs.

Many floral artist use a foamy type substance that fills the container and permanently seals in the flowers and foliage. Personally, I do not like to use this method nor do I like it when other people use this method. It leaves no room for creativity and switching things around if you have a perfectly good urn that you want to reuse as we do here. Yet again other options are the Styrofoam frogs that the stems fit securely into. Well, I am girl that likes options and to me frogs just need to stay in the wild. Frogs. Who needs frogs. Frogs belong out side. We have no use for frogs in any arrangement for our Saucy parties. Our arrangements don’t stay together long enough to require frogs anyways.

Cluster Fluster.

Yup! Cluster is the best way to go! Cluster the biggest and fullest fofancie foliage you can to get a grand look for your display. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is and it doesn’t matter what foliage you use, the bigger the clusters, the taller the grasses the more Saucy your arrangement will look. Always remember that when you are out junking …. always, always, always keep an eagle eye out for the easy to remove faux foliage that sparks your fancy! In this case we have chosen to not only have the faux but we have added real clippings from the Christmas tree to add that Douglas fir smell to the front porch! Nothing beats the smell of evergreens!

Step 3: Add other green faux growy plants of other varieties and shapes for interest. Plus it makes it big and gaudy!

You are asking why faux foliage when we could just pot this stuff up and have living growing plants in pots or this urn for instance. My answer back to you would be this. OPTIONS! This girl loves to have options and we live in a neighborhood where 6 feet of our side yards are an easement for the neighboring house so we run out of room quickly and they haven’t agreed to letting me have the rest of the 5 acres yet! Still working on that.

Using Foliage.

Some of the best table settings or parties have been known to have a theme wrapped around them. I have personally been to elaborate non-profit fundraisers that spent thousands of dollars on setting the perfect scene with foliage. Real towering trees over the tables, real bushes that mark boundaries with in a ball room. I must say these spaces were a mark of creative, artistic genius but I like to look at that and think wow! What a waste. Only because all that money spent on foliage to create the perfect scene could have gone towards whatever your raising money for. Foliage is great when you can collect some of the best plants, trees, and flowers over time from your local junk stores. There is always college students or offices that are redecorating and tossing those big green Ficus trees. Now those trees have endless possibilities!

Smelly Scents.

Speaking of smells. One of the best things about fofancie décor is the fact that these babies don’t smell! You don’t have to worry about offending smells mingling together and grossing out the people at your dinner table and you won’t have to worry about mixing the smells from your flowers and that awesome dinner that you are sharing with your friends. In all actuality you can load your table with fofancie flowers and foliage and have nothing but the sweet succulent smell of your Honey Glazed Ham from a tin can for a Crank’s Chirstmas dinner!

Step 4: Add the feature flowers to make a big bold color statement!


Water. Schmater. Who Needs Water.

Water is for drinking and for the real arrangements. Don’t get me wrong nothing beats a big dozen bouquet of roses handed over from the one you love on a special occasion, nothing at all! In fact, bring them home every day or make fresh runs from the farmers market weekly for fresh flowers for your night stand by your bed, but not for this girl and her parties! Oh no! No water needed here! When planning a party out no one really wants the cost and huge bill that comes with using fresh flowers on the scale that we use them. Granted they would be amazing but … we have created the most memorable evenings with fofancie foliage as the perfect background setting and no water was required!

Finished display!

Use Your Heart. Question The Rules.

You see, its all about heart. It’s all about learning the rules or not learning the rules. It’s all about making you happy with what you have or what you can find on a measly budget. Isn’t that what creating art is really all about!? Each house party we throw is limited to roughly $300, so this means the hunt for deocrations, the hunt for food, and the hunt for drink needs to be very specific and very challenging. We create party art from the heart. When I head out for a good junking trip one of the first stops at any store is the floral department. I appreciate the fact that others are willing to pay full price for the faux foliage first then recycle it so that I can recreate it over and over and over again!

Our hearts are in the right place when it comes to hosting a party, a dinner,a wine tasting, or just plain creating masterpieces for home decorating. We make sure that time with friends is spent wisely. We make sure that money spent on a happily decorated home is well spent. We break all the rules of logic and always remain true to the real meaning of mystery. I love the quote that I found on Pinterest just recently it goes like this:

” In a world where everyone is over exposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery! ” – The Good Quote

Fall in love with what you do and who you are. If you like faux foliage then embrace that part of you!

Happy National Poinsettia Day and Merry Christmas!

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