Our Garden Update. January 2016.


“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. 
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”
– Daily Inspiration Quotes


January is always a bleak time of year but its nice to see so much green poppin’ up this year. Already the bulbs are shooting out of the ground and we are seeing Spring on the horizon. Through out the yard there has been plenty of pruning that needed finished up with three apple trees and many ornamental trees of various sizes and heighths. One of my very favorite activities in the winter is pruning so I gladly bundle up and head out doors with sharpened lopers and super duper sharp hand pruners. Not only am I in charge of pruning our little yard but I have been asked to wrap up the winter season chores in a couple of the other yards here in the neighborhood. This keeps me busy and excited to see what is comin’ to life in the soil of friends next door.

IMG_4605There are always so many things to do during the winter and just after the holiday season things kick in high gear at the landscapes that I maintain. Over on the twitter feed one day a woman got all excited about the gardening season starting soon – I’m thinking she was really excited for Spring – but in my saucy way I asked her when the season gardening season ever end? In my line of work the projects never end, well in the gardenin’ world the season never ends it just moves on to different lists and different projects. Winter may be bleak and slow but there is no end to the emptying out of deck pots, scrubbing and sterilizing them, replacing with new soil and gearin’ up for the spring ahead, there is of course the countless hours of prunin’ and the ever exciting cleanin’ up of debris from winter storms that keep my eyes on the ground lookin’ to spot a bud bursting forth from the soil that will soon grow into the first hellebore bloom of the season.

IMG_4444In  baseball they like to say keep your eye on the ball and you will nail that sucker right over the fence, well something like that anyways. In my case, I keep my eyes firmly fixed to the ground 8 hours a day with periodic glimpses to the heavens to watch the stars and the moon phases. What’s coming down the road can and will be foretold through the soil we plant in and the skies above. We can always count on at least on full moon in January and generally that is not only a really clear night but it usually is one of the coldest in our area. We may see some ice and we may see some snow but for the last couple of years those full moon nights have brought out the lawn chairs for a good old campfire on the patio. Perfection in my book.

IMG_4357As you can see from the pictures all of the perennial are making their appearances and the boyfriend got out the tiller and ground up the soil in the titty pink boxes. This year we didn’t do much to amend the soil except for adding a few bits of compost. One of our biggest beds will need an over haul just before we transplant the seed starts for the summer crops but other than that we are looking super dark and healthy all around. This summer we will head out the sea and gather seaweed for amending this coming winter. Watching what is going on with your soil is the biggest tools you have working for you when it comes to getting the right nutrients for your body. Since I went through all that testing not long ago its easy for us now to make sure we add exactly what is needed for our bodies to “grow big and strong” Well, that is what I tell the black boys anyways and seaweed is exactly what we will need so that is on the list.

IMG_4445Life is starting to emerge from the earth as we are also starting to emerge from the warm walls of home. Our first campfire grill will take place in February along with our first House Party! This is always something that we look forward to! As the year progresses on we will keep you up-to-date on what we are doing and how we go about doing it. One of the things we are really excited about is getting back to sprouting. Promise you this, there will be a blog post on what, how and where we go about doing our seeds for sprouting.

Looking forward to a healthy and happy Spring!


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