Our Garden Update. March 2016.

“If you had built air castles in your youth and put out a little more effort in trying to put foundations under them you probably would be enjoying your self in one of them today.”


YES!!! We have arrived!! March rains bring April showers that bring May flowers!! I am finding it hard to contain myself with all the changes in the weather and the changes of the daylight hours. This means that I can get my nose out of books and into the garden more hours of the day then I am currently giving to those beautiful titty pink boxes!

With my watchful, yet curious eye I can see that the garden is starting to take shape. Really it didn’t start to show for itself until the later part of the month when the sun poured down its heat and the warmth dug itself into the depths of the soil. Here is a look at how the month shaped up. Good thing I took pages of notes!


March 8th: Professional Dreamers get a bad wrap every time. Trust me on this, I know. We can get more crap dealt out to us for building lofty dreams and never living up to any of them but there is something deep within us that burns out ideas faster than the 405 street racers. We can’t help but spew ideas from our brains, we cant help but write and draw out every single blown up detail so that someday we can make it become a reality. We love to build our ” Air Castles ” and I guess you can say that this garden idea was one of those. I admit I was angry and emotional when Sailor and I dug up the grass along side the house but there was also so many other reasons that started this project and health of course was a big one. You can read all about that in —> Happy New Year! May 2015

IMG_4878Back to the point, the plan of planting according to the moon and the signs has taken my “Air Castle” and started to lay a foundation underneath of the concept of working our way out of the grocery store. We are still a little ways off of depending solely on the garden and the land for our food we are grasping a better idea of the mystery that stands in the background of this whole gardening concept. Today is March 8th, and we are in the deepest darkest part of the moon, the second day to be exact but the Farmers Almanac on-line says it’s the perfect day to plant vine crops. Cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, and beans. So this morning, I matched it up with what the book said and off I went to plant our four varieties of beans in the box. Maybe a bit early, but that’s all part of the process right? Making mistakes and learning from them. The beans that went in the soil are the exact same beans that have flourish in the dining room window in the Vitamin Water bottles. Yesterday was the day to pant root crops. Oops missed that. I will get those in the ground later in the month under a better moon phase and sign this way they will produce better and the harvest will be more abundant.

IMG_4968Later on this afternoon we went grocery shopping at the garden center. My favorite place to buy food!! Hands down! There is a blog post loaded with pictures of what we saw at the garden center click here —> Garden Center. 2nd Week of March. Of course the place was packed with all kinds of perennials and a few seed starts of food but I blew by those knowing that we had our seeds in the ground and I was not givin’ up hope on seeing little green sprouts poppin’ up soon. Today we are on a mission for fruit trees. We are a month late with the bare roots trees came in during February so we were at the mercy of left overs. AND WHAT GREAT LEFT OVERS WE FOUND!!!! Three cherry trees came home with us!! 3 trees with 6 varieties. Yes, you read that right. 6 varieties. One tree is a Lambert another tree was a Sam and the last tree was a grafted tree of Stella, Van, Bing and Lapin, thank goodness the grafters thought ahead and made sure that they would pollinate each other on the same tree! 🙂 This summer we will really need to clean out a place in the lower part of the property to build the orchard! We now have the beginnings and will plant these lovely trees in the fall. For now they are in huge red buckets in the yard for the summer. No, we did not leave empty-handed and we are already planning on going back for more food from the vine section, thinking Kiwis are up next!

IMG_4912March 11: This morning has brought us a new day. The pouring rain has stopped and the wind storm of last night has finally died down. It has been a rough couple of days watching winter fight back and remind us that she still has an angry side to her that just keeps trying to hang on. With some seriously dark tea that has been sweetened with molasses in my hand I quietly spent the morning in the garden boxes planting the second batch of broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce. We are hoping for a second crop that will come up a little later than the crop that was planted in Feb., or we will end up with an over dose when the sun comes out. Some of the Feb. plantings are showing but not really enough. Interesting. Also the spinach went in with the cabbage and the peas. They are all happy companions. The only thing left to finish off that box will be the carrots that will go out later in the month with the root crops.

IMG_5017The peas are looking a little worse for wear. Found the tiniest little slugs eating on the leaves this morning. Squishin’ did take place. A lot of squishin’. In our climate peas can be planted in February but since the weather can still be a bitch we decided that it would be good to keep the starts protected from any unwanted frosts so we covered them up with wide mouth pint mason jars. They were the perfect height and the perfect width to keep them safe. One thing I did expect to see was even more of those pesky little baby slugs sliding around on the inside walls of the glass. hahahaaaa! A hose washing cleaned them right out and no more squishin’ required.

The dining room widow seeds are doing really good. Hoping to get them in the ground soon maybe next month we have our fingers crossed but it is still up to the weather to get them transferred.


Over in the box under the dining room window is the last crop of cabbage from last fall that the rats and mice had a heyday with. I have let them go so that one, we could still eat the leaves as greens but mostly because we want the seed. Since the moon is in the first quarter with just a sliver of light  and she is sitting in the sign of Taurus ( a sign for quick growth or root crops and promotes hardiness. Taurus becomes a semi-fruitful sign that is great for those root crops, perhaps because it is an earth sign. ) With quick growth in mind I took out to the garden the packets of spinach and Swiss Chard hoping that we could get a quick crop or two from both before they bolted in the warmer parts of spring. Since we planted the first crop of Swiss Chard in February we are looking for that succession planting but you know if we get them all at once that will be fine too. We can share.


March 24: Happy Purim if you are Jewish! Happy Purim if you celebrate deliverance in any sort of way. Here we are just short of the end of the month. Today we celebrate the deliverance by stuffing the ground full of our favorite roots. Every good idea, every good ” Air Castle ” needs a solid foundation and so we are growing our fortress on carrots and radishes!! The four types of carrots got mixed into the two beds that now have the sprouts for peas, cabbage, and collard greens. The three different radishes will be planted in with the cauliflower and the broccoli.  Me love some Daikon radishes!! The four varieties of carrots consist of the Kaleidoscope, Scarlet Nantes, Purple Dragon and Cosmic Purple. ( Thank You Bren and Adam! )


The first planting of Swiss Chard is about an inch tall! So pumped! There are a few signs of life in the broccoli and cauliflower bed but the mighty collard greens have clearly taken over their half of the bed. Happy day!

Around the garden it’s starting to look green! So many of the perennials are alive and well. the peonies are growing strong and the tulips are all starting to show colors. The early blooms of the tulips are open and making everyone who sees them smile. Spring is awesome. The herbs are also creeping out of the ground in all their glory and we are hoping to add to that collection over the summer. Thinking we need herbs for oils and distilling.


Today we are in the early hours of the full moon and we are in the sign of Libra. I have been waiting for this day for a very long month. The day that I get to start my flower seeds!! Libra is good for root stocks and annuals, so yes, it’s a great day to start flower seed!! Of course, I dug out the packets for the last year stash and had my fun planting what I hope will be the perfect companions for the garden veggies and perfect flowers for the flower tower of power!! One of the garden boxes will remain empty this year to give it a rest so this box has become the green house for the flower seeds. Today, I got my fingers wrapped around Sunflower, Poppy, Cosmos, African Daisies, Marigolds, Snap Dragons and Bachelor Buttons. This is going to be incredible year for flowers! Also got the Cone Flowers, Rudbeckia and Echinacea transplanted from last fall with the Asters. I am so giddy with excitement. Maybe we will reach our one million flower blooms this year!! The bees will be very, very happy.

IMG_5110As for those  ” Air Castles ” that we Professional Dreamers like to build, we have ours’ under way. We have started to build magic out of thin air and are very excited to have a stronger than us foundation firmly in place. One of us will always be the dreamer come what may. Boyfriend may laugh at my ideas but he always comes around to understanding the method of my madness and usually he ends up being the logic behind the functions. Really, dreams take more than one person to be seen all the way through to completion. I get that. Boyfriend is understanding that. What we end up reaping from the garden, what we end up enjoying out of the yard, what we end up consuming over the open flame of a campfire grill brings us all the way back to the idea of living simply, honestly and genuinely. From our small spaced garden of experiments to yours! Cheers!

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