Our Garden Update. April 2016.


” The impracticale dreamers are those who spend the most of their time in dreamland. These people never seem to discover that this is a very real world. Their feet rearly touch the earth. Their “air castles” remain air castles. They do not put bricks and mortar about them and anchor them to the earth so that they can live in them.” Orison


IMG_5268I have to admit there have been times and places where I have been told that I am an impractical dreamer, my feet have rarely touched the earth but you know what, I am fine with that. The world needs people to dream up new ideas and new ways of thinking. One of the best ways to learn and explore is to understand what the past has to teach us. Maybe the garden science project is a little far fetched for most people but to others its is straight up perfect. Keeping my head above the clouds and learning as much as I can by reaching for the constellations has kept me totally grounded, almost barefoot in the garden. What better time to learn new things then right now. What better time to be dreaming of a future garden with abundance in yields than right now! Have I been known to finish a project? No! I can tell you one thing though. This garden and what I have been learning is also teaching me to keep reaching for the unknown while stuffing the mortar between the bricks.

April was a busy month. A lot have changes were seen in the garden. Veggie seeds were pushing through the soil of the beds and by the end of the month the boxes were plentiful with green leaves of every variety. Here is how the month went down.


April 8th: Today is Friday!!! Home early from the gardening clients and found boyfriend home repairing the bossman’s hedge trimmer. Our hedges out front of the house are getting a haircut (limb cut, to be exact). Since we are in the earliest parts of the first quarter moon phase and in the sign of Taurus I went ahead and planted yet another round of butter lettuce seeds. There has been no signs of the first planting  so I’m setting out again to achieve the perfect moment of planting. There is one planting of lettuce already growin’ in another box with the cauliflower which is a salad mix but boyfriend has his eyes set on that butter lettuce. Hopefully we are spacing the seed planting times well so that we can have salad greens through the summer. Here’s to hopin’.

A couple days ago, the slugs annihilated the new sprouts that were coming up of the flower seeds. Crushed. Devastated.

That is the best mood descriptive words I could come up with to explain the whole situation with the flower seeds. The lesson learned was this. Don’t leave plastic boxes on the ground for a few days then move them into a greenhouse type space without checking the bottoms of the containers. SCRAPE THEM SLUGS OFF!! My bad. I knew better but clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

IMG_5220We got some mystery seeds popping up in the bed with the broccoli. They are exactly spaced and looks to be seeds that had been clumped together. I remember doing the action of planting those darn seeds but … after looking through my notes I have no idea what they are since I didn’t write them on the garden map or anywhere else!

In the back bed where the last years cabbage has gone to seed we are making room for the kohlrabi and kale. Not to sure that the kale will be forever in the bed. I am placing the kohlrabi towards the back of the bed and up against the house because the future plan of the garden box will hold watermelon and cantaloupe. This will be in the May issue of Our Garden Update. Even though the kohlrabi are sitting in a very hot spot its still really early in the season to make a difference and hopefully they will be ready to eat by the time the sun really gets beating down on them. If not then the trellis and watermelon will cast a nice shade shadow to keep them cool.

April 12th: According to the moon and the signs to day is a great day to plant flower seeds the moon is slightly kissing the second quarter and just now entering into the sign of cancer. The sign of cancer brings production, this is great if volume is the goal. Soooooo … with that in mind, the boyfriend and I discussed last fall being heavy in the aster department there was a seed packet that was waiting for its moment. A mixed variety of asters went into the soil. Libra is better for blooms and for flowers in general but this will give me an opportunity to compare with the earlier planting if I can keep the slugs off. There are a few seeds still in the green house waiting for warmer weather before they bust open and sprout so I know the slugs have not gotten all the starts. We are looking for an abundance of asters because they are perfect companion plants for tomatoes and they are fall blooming flowers that will help extend the bloom season for the bees.


Up in the flower tower of power I have added the last of the Lobelia seeds and a few of the asters, in my mind everything is full even though there are no signs of growth just yet. We are talking jam packed! In the back bed we planted the quinoa seeds since we are in the first quarter this is the time to plant things that seed outside the fruit, and again we are looking for an abundance of seed foe eating. Since quinoa is a staple in my diet and the grocery store sells the bags for way to much money we are on a mission to figure this grain out! No pressure little seeds but I am depending on you! The packet that we found at the garden center is a mixed variety of color plumes so they will look amazing just before they go to seed!

IMG_5413Here are a few notes on the sign of Cancer: Cancer rules the breast and the stomach and is a faithful water sign. I was born under this sign. Cancer gives quick germination, good growth and really good yields at the end of the season. The reasoning behind all this is because Cancer s ruled by the moon. So really what does that mean you ask? Well, its kinda like this, when the moon moves into Cancer its like a marriage made from heaven. Both of their strengths are combined to create the most wonderful result. I liken it to the weaving of the Maypole! Everyone playing their part to create a woven piece of art right down the pole. Cancer also values: germination, dampness (which is right now and perfect for germination), fruitfulness, and the nurturing of maternal instincts of the seeds of plants. The moon with all of it’s wonder is the ruler of such and the great sign of Cancer. In the last couple days we have seen buds bursting open on the apple and cherry trees and the bees flying in for their pollen collection. Since Cancer is also known for being the perfect time for irrigation, budding and transplanting it looks like we are right on schedule with the fruit trees.


The rest of April was rather quite. The garden was left to grow and the seeds were left to germinate. By the end of the month we did see dramatic changes in the boxes. Can’t wait to see what the end of May will look like!

As for building more of my air castles, well … the building process continues and the foundation is becoming a little more clear every moon phase. Remembering to look up and see what lies ahead of me is hard to remember, clearly I am not in the habit. You can ask any of the landscapers that I previously did maintenance for. I rarely looked in the trees for broken limbs or death. This time looking up is different. Not only because the seeds in the garden need to feed my body and feed our little family but because looking up also brings me to the reality that the world rotates around something bigger then me, darn it anyways. The earth has a plan for everything in it. Their is a purpose for the constellations and there is a purpose of the moon traveling through those same constellations and each one creates a different outcome. Rains fall during a certain moon cycle more then others. Seeds germinate at higher percentages then others. Plants completely die if transplanted in the wrong time of moon and in the wrong sign. Guess you could say its true. Everything under the sun happens for a reason. Its just my turn to figure out what this all means, for myself and for the garden that feeds us. In this case, science and nightmares do mix when done by impractical dreamers —- just be forewarned that those impractical dreams learn the rules by observation, study and then strike out only to change the rules for the rest of the world.


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