Farmer’s Market. Blossoms. Weeds. June 11th, 2016

“The flower blossoms not for others but for itself; and holds a beauty beyond compare.” – Tigress Luv

This week there will be a few changes in the farmers market post. Well, I hope they will be good changes for everyone. Not only are we starting to see more blossoms and flowers making their way to the buckets of water that load the tables  at the farmer’s market but the posts will now have words! Words of meaning. 

This year was the first time I ventured out but back into art journaling, I thought that it would be a great thing to do as this was a favorite pastime for me in my younger days. I picked up Journal 52 and I must say their journal prompts have a hold on my heart. I have also noticed that the images are not doing my mind justice. Soooooo … You all become the lucky ones of reading my thoughts about the prompts. Each week “they” ( the two lady’s that come up with the prompts ) will post two word prompts and anyone doing the challenge can pick between the two to illustrate or express themselves through their art. 

Ok, here is my problem. I keep finding that I want to draw out inspiration from both opposing prompts and my drawings express both but my heart and brain says I need to express more through words. 

Since I haven’t added words to the farmer’s market posts in the past, except for a quote, I figured this would be the perfect spot to spew my thoughts with some really good looking fruits and veggies grown locally. Here goes everything!

Blossom. Weeds. These two lovely words are suppose to be opposing each other. I can see how in gardening and landscaping this could very well be the madness of the gardener. The madness lying in the idea that more beauty should reign supreme over the weeds. As one who appreciates the outstanding differences in the unending world of flowers and the creative expression of each petal on each stem whether it be a delphinium or a peony or a calla lily or a bachelor button we also need to consider what the weeds are doing at the base of such beauty. Yes, we could say that each flower is a crown of glory unto itself but it wouldn’t be with out the blossom that is attached to the stem or the leaves. In all reality without a flower of some sort the plant just becomes ordinary. 


We have all been, at some point in our lives, been told we resemble a certain flower. I know women are notorious for comparing so don’t think you haven’t done this type of thing with your girlfriends. We match ourselves up with which flower represents us and our power or the super power that we think we have. The symbolism is pretty dead on at times and can match uncanningly to our personalities but, yes there is a BUT when one is to look up the definition of blossom we find that it means that the plant puts out a blossom that produces seed or produces fruit that holds the seed which then becomes a new plant.

Interesting. Isn’t that what weeds do? Wait. Let’s think about this for a second. Weeds grow in everyone’s garden. Simple fact. Weeds do a job that no other plant can do. They come in as first responders to the scene of barren soils with a mission in mind to cover up, strengthen and stabilize the ground, and to produce nutrients into the ground where they are needed. They are the warriors, the massive worker plants that inform us of tons of information. Do we listen to them? Ah … Hell no! We pull, we poison, we hate everything about them. Am I right so far?

But wait, they too have blossoms. 

Hummmmm … So I’m thinking this prompt this week can be more then just a simple opposite attract kinda thing. Horsetail. The worse “weed” I have to pull out of my clients landscapes. I am not going to hide the fact that that plant is truly hated during the months of April through June. Shot weed. Oh good Lawrd that plant drives me insane! I feel like I have to wear safety head gear when pulling those after they have gone to seed. I know though that if I can catch them and pull them before or during the blossom stage I have a better chance of keeping my eyes free of their little bullets. 

So what am I getting at? Weeds have blossoms to. They produce seeds or fruit that: 1: spread the love of their family through their offspring 2: they tell us stories if we choose to listen and 3: they have some of the most unique blossoms in sometimes the most compact sizes.

Ok. So we know that we can be compared to the stunning beauties of our gardens but how many of you can say you have compared yourself to the weeds you pull? How many can raise their hand and admit to being exactly like a horsetail? Your soft feathery yet so fierce that you will reach the deepest depths to understand anything so you can tell the story that a vital life element is missing from the soil that you grow in? 

Or could we look at this prompt in another way by saying that if we are like a clump of daisies with “blossoms” that turn to seed and replenish our lives with joy that we may actually need a few clumps of hose tail around us to bring in that life breath of nitrogen that is so desperately needed? 

When you look around, you know the people or environment that your grounded in, you can clearly admit to being and know deep in your knower that you are the one particular flower that you have chosen but you are also in a garden of other people thinking they are glorious plumes of seed producing plants. My question to you is this can you be a plant of glory and a plant of purpose? What are you actually bringing to the soil? Or what are you producing as fruit to pass on? Could you be stripping the life out of your space in the garden or are you helping add to the environment around you?
We would all love to think that we are the best and greatest flower in the fair and we would all love to strut our ribbons of blue but what it really roots down to is this. We need our companions and they need us! You cannot grow a stalk of corn properly without the other companions that it needs to grow healthy and strong, right? We need to plant the squash as a ground cover to keep the moisture in, we need to plant the beans or peas that fill the soil with nitrogen that the corn will suck completely dry. Why else would we have webpages and books and experts on companion planting if that stuff didn’t work? 

We need the weeds to tell their story.

As you wonder through your week starting today I challenge you to think of this: If you could be any flower you could be what blossom would you represent? Now consider what companions you would also need to support your life giving needs. Next step, recognize if you have those types of companions around you. Take your thoughts one step further and check if you are a good companion to those who need you for support. 

What an interesting garden we would all grow in once we embraced the stories the weeds are telling and the blossoms we could potentially become. 


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