Farmers Market. Summer Solstice. June 18th, 2016

“Abundance is not something we aquire, it’s something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

The middle of summer has come upon us here in the northern part of the globe. The sun is still warming up gardens and the farmers market is still selling the spring crops, but there is just something different about this year specific. All the plants that produce our food have produced early. Of course, this a the third year that this has happened, I’m starting to think this is the new trend, you know, the new black!

The art journal prompt for this week is the stated obvious … Summer Solstice while the alternate  prompt is wine. Lucky for me these two prompts are not in opposition. They actually go hand in hand with each other pretty nicely. Solstice being the middle of the year also brings the full moon of abundance. The earth is putting out the best show it has, it’s dressed itself in its “going-to-town” clothes or bet yet it’s frills and finery!

Wine, even though it’s a dark, heady and think drink that has gone “sour” for many centuries has been a symbol of abundance. A sign that the flow from heaven is upon a person or region. So here we sit smack dab in the middle of flowing abundance! I can’t shout, dance and raise a glass to that!!

There have been many times throughout my life that abundance has shown its face to me in ways I never expected and I would like to share with you an example. Today is one of those wine flowing over me kinda days and it’s not yet 10 in the morning. ( Insert a giggle and a deep sense of joy right here ) Sigh and keep reading.

Every Wednesday morning I have the privilege of having a standing date with a mentor who in years is much older then I. Course every good mentor should be, right!? Old wiser. “They” say it’s always good to model yourself after the best people you know, the wisest people you know, the most outstanding people of character. This lady has it all! She is made of the best material, a body structure compared to steel, a perfectly strong healthy immune system that never fails, a statue like I could only image Quesn Esther had when she went in front of the King. This woman has lived the most exciting life by building businesses, growing in knowledge on many levels in many aspects of her life and can deliver pearls of wisdom at the drop of a hat that fits perfect with every situation imaginable. If I were to tell you the values that she holds near and dear you would understand the depth of her character and she would only look at you and admit that she still struggles with them all but learns lessons daily on each value that she lists. Needless to say this woman is someone that is worthy of notariaty but is humble enough to know she doesn’t deserve all the credit.

This is why we meet.

Each week on Wednesday mornings we have our get-togetherness. She comes bearing a book in hand, or a journal entry, or a blog entry printed out, or a question about her iPad and of course gardening questions. She never misses out on her single short latte made specifically for her in her to-go cup.

Majority of the time our first questions answered are How was your week? And How are you doing? From there the conversation stems off into its own creation. Today when I asked her how her week was she rolled her eyes and started to laugh, and says ” oh, sugar!” I must tell you this is way out of character for her but when she does do this I know that I better reach over my left shoulder and buckle my safety belt and pull it as tight as I can because we are going deep and we are going deep fast.

I live for these deep fast moments.

Today was one of those mornings. It was so intense that I could not honestly enjoy the chai that was bubbling in my to-go cup. Ok frankly, I cannot remember what it even tasted like even though I finished every single drop. Setting our cups aside she dove into her story. I’m not going to dive in and tell you the entire story because not only is it too good for words but it’s one of those stories that is just starting to unravel and best told from her mouth. It’s the beginning of opening old wine skins you could say. It’s the start of something pretty amazing. But to see the reactions and emotions on her face as she is unloading the heaviness of the week I could see the confusion, the unsettled air that was surrounding not only her thoughts, her emotions but her heart. It was a rough Father’s Day for her husband and the entire house full of family members who gathered to appreciate the man of the hour.

In a single moment and flash of fury her life changed. In a nano second her whole world turned upside down and she became the woman she was meant to be … empowered. She lept from her old wine skin and unleashed a power she didn’t know existed. At this point in the story my own heart lept from my chest and started pounding intently. I have goosebumps from my earlobes to the tops of my toes. Joy flowed abundantly. All I could do is think this is going to change the world. What she experienced is going to change her stars, her destiny.

If wine is a symbolic message of abundance I think this could have been a perfect moment that she was just drenched in it. Welcome to the new wine skin my dear friend.

This time of year the farmer’s market is always busting out the seems with the most stunning array of flowers. The varieties are endless and only limited to the love and joy that they bring to the individual growing such beauty. Typically, we pick out our favorites and nurture them into what we can only fathom as perfection, than one day something changes in that plant and it starts to grow more abundant in flower or fruit. That miraculous change is not something we can pin point or take any credit for, it’s just one of those unexplainable perfect ways we are blessed. I think my friend and my mentor has blossomed from root to tip in unexplainable perfectedness.

My hope for the two of us is this: I hope, I hope, that we continue to grow in this new unexplainable perfectedness, that we continue to become the women we are intended to be and that our stories, no matter the twist and turns, grow into an incredible screenplay that everyone could learn from and appreciate.

My prayer for the two of us and you read like this: May we always honor our true selves by expressing our deepest joy through the rough patches in life. May we always point to the hope that shapes our future and may we always feel the abundant flowing wine over us no matter what season of life we are in. Cheers!

Welcome Summer! Happy Solstice!

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