Camp Cooking. 2nd Annual Farm Camp 2016.

The Labor Day weekend Family Reunion Crash is  on! Well, ok last year we crashed the reunion this year we were invited back. Must be because we helped in supporting the Porta potty delivery! Wink, wink! 😉

Last year we posted about the camp out and you can read about it here —> if your so inclined. Last year we also posted recipes of the food we made ahead of time so that we had things to eat that would not put strain on anyone trying to feed a mess of allergies. This is Dez! ( the mess of allergies ) the girlfriend half of SaucyRoots or the main writer of the rants and raves you find on this site. Hello, nice to see you reading if your new!

This year is no exception just below you will find the links to the recipes of dinners and lunches and so on that we concocted before we headed out. I will be sharing with you the yummy parts of cooking or not cooking in this case! Desserts!

Yup desserts are on the menu! You will find a link to all the recipes that we used. Most of them found from my obsession with Pinterest and the awesome bloggers that can be found posting some of the most amazing foodstuffs out there!

After an all day adventure with car troubles and an all night drive we finally made it to our paradise in a cow pasture. Cow pasture paradise. Not to often you will here that statement but guess what!? You just did! Breakfast of bacon is on the grill, boyfriend is relaxed and content … finally. It was touch and go the last couple weeks with his work schedule and his stress levels. It’s one of those options either take him to the woods or plan a slow painful death. I prefer the cow pasture option this week! Maybe, I will keep him another week or two. We will see how he settles down first.

Camping at the Dun Wheel-un Ranch in the magical town of VerNarnia has shown more to us in the last couple years about sharing, loving and living in total acceptance. Feeling like being part of a family is an unusual new sensation for both of us. Yes, we come from our own large families but the feeling of being accepted for who you are and not what others expect out of you is very refreshing.

Fitting in to a world of complete strangers has always been easy and this family is so very easy to be around. It’s like you don’t have to act better than yourself to fit in, you don’t have to lower your standards to accept what’s going on around the camp, it’s just kick back easy man. Good times.

Days are spent listening to the sounds of quads and dirt bikes rumbling through the acres. Laughing and giggling come pouring out of the kids as the race across the creek completely excited to go super fast in the cow field. Let me tell you there is a herd of kids and a huge pack of dogs. Strangely, even the dogs all get along this year. No fighting over food or attention. Must say the best part is hanging with friends.

Home brew Chai brewing over an open flame starts the day, drinking from mason jars at night, and getting a little crazy with SnapChat wrap up our nights.

The nights are the best. The crowd dies down, the kids lose momentum and the fire starts to glow a little brighter and a little hotter. Conversations get a little deeper, mouths get a little bigger and the adults ponder the world a little more seriously as they stare into the flames of the campfire in hopes that the solutions could be found shooting from burning wood. Life doesn’t get any better than the Labor Day weekend on Dun Wheel-un Ranch.

A simple life of family coming together and opening their hearts to others, food prepared by all and shared under one roof. The ever present fire burns bright as a reminder that life still moves on and the all giving force of life still exists if we only open our eyes and hearts to except it.

Another Labor Day Camp-Out in the history books for SaucyRoots.

Another opportunity to feel and express generosity.

Another amazing weekend.

This years menu included:

Farmers Market Hummus

Kholarobi Slaw

Cuban Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Cashew Dressing

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cashew Truffles (Vegan, Paleo)

Vanilla Coconut Pound Cake, Recipe on the back of Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Flour.

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