Blessin’ this Wedding. Bright Lightnin’ from Above.

You are now entering the twilight zone, the redneck-backwoods deep quiet parts of Oregon. Welcome!
After a long exhausting day driving south from our precious island hideaway, I pull into a dirt road driveway and am greeted by the bride-to-be wearing a $5. Etsy purchased veil and thrown immediately into watching videos of this same bride-to-be driving her John Deere riding lawn mower around her property while wearing the preciously purchased veil and smoking a cigarette. All I could sing ( out loud ) was ” look here is the queen of my double wide trailer with the polyester curtains and the redwood deck “! By the way. They live in a double wide and the deck is painted red with smeared goat poop! ? God love them and so do I.

Tonight though as I lay in the back of the Beemer, snuggled up glam ping style I hear nothing. Not one freakin sound. Perfect. Laying here torn between missing home and being home my body is tired from the traffic, my head is pounding from poor food choices, and the smell of fresh campfire is lingering in my hair … all I can honestly think is … welcome home.

I woke up to the sounds of nothing. Nothing. Not a thing. But did notice that Fiona the goat was laying in her back porch looking as if in my direction. So I crawled over the front seat and rolled the window down even more than the way I had left it the night before. Her little stubby tail wagged. She didn’t move quite yet. You could clearly tell she wasn’t sure if it was time to get up.

Fiona knew the house and everyone inside was still quite but this lady who shows up a couple times of year was moving around in that car. She waited. Staring intently.

I stuck my hand out. That did it. Here she came off the porch, with one big stretch as if walking up like a massive dog she strutted over to the car. As she came struttin’ over I crawled out the door in fear of boyfriend freakin’ out about hoof marks down the back passenger door. I could see it all playing out in my mind and I didn’t want my death to be explained on the witness stand in that light. Fiona, was thrilled someone finally woke up. I could tell. Here it is Friday, not that the goat cared or even knew what day of the week it was but we were both extremely excited someone else was moving.

The morning brought a huge list of chores that called for brush mowing, tree limbin’, bridge building, campfire bench construction, old window frames to white wash, and fire pit  clean out. So, I ate my breakfast, everyone else woke up and we jumped in.

I gotta tell you the bride-to-be rolled out of bed with the same clothes on as the night before and her face make up was sliding off, literally. My first reaction … one I said out loud was … “Wow! That’s what you look like in the morning? Stunning! Little brother you found yourself a keeper.” Too bad the scene wasn’t finished off with that precious Etsy veil. Shaking my head I walked in the the bathroom and giggled. Gawd, I love this place and these people.

More campfire loomed in our short but not to distant future. More people drove in and happy hugs were spread fast and furiously! The other littlest brother showed up unaware that I was coming and that completed the circle. Nice! Of course our significant others, brides-to-be, or flat out wives were not around since they had other things to wrap up. Perfect situation to sit with my guys oh, and yes, Fiona. She did find her way into the middle of our lawn chairs and laid at my feet like the good little dog that she thinks she is. Did I say how much I love this place?

Yes, it’s the place but it’s also the people, the atmosphere of acceptance and complete forgiveness.

Our heads hit the pillow this night after a few swigs of the shared shine but this time the silence was shared with the calls of the wild. A baby elk had been separated from the herd and for a few lonely hours all we herd was the cries from deep in the thicket. Thank goodness this little one was left behind on the refuge.

Early Wedding morning the startling sounds of cyotoes woke me right up. Screaming and crying prevailed and all I could do was hide under the covers praying that they hadn’t discover that poor lost soul from last night. A few minutes later the call picked up again but this time the herd echoed it’s call from the other side of the property. A sigh of relief ran through me along with a sigh of wonder. Angles, thank you for the protection of the little lost one. Once again you have all done your jobs and have done them well.

Once again, Fiona was there waiting for me to wake up. Staring intently at the Beemer. Just waiting. This time I don’t tease her but roll out with my Stanely to-go cup in hand ready to make a fresh hot steaming tea for yet another long drive into the dreaded city. Moms’ presence was requested so being the dutiful daughter I headed out early to pick her up. 3 hours later we found our selves back in the woods in a roadside hotel room with an almost frightening array of black dress hung from the curtain rods, black cowboy boots strung from one room to another, pink roses and daisies literally littering all the rooms and enough hairspray in the air that even a horse could have keeled over and died.

Every mirror in the place was double stacked with girls putting on make up, checking them selves out. Smoking and crying insued but nothing could have topped off the moment when the bride to be finally had her mom tighten up the camo ribbon corset on her dress, well, ok, one thing was on everyone’s mind, the 90 + degree weather that was strangling us all.

Pictures of the girls were taken. Guys pictures were soon to follow. We were to all arrive back at the property so that the now bride could ride up on the back of a convertible Ford Fairlane. Sorry guys, I don’t know what type of engine it had nor do I remember the year but I do remember specifically checking out the guys all dressed with their camo vests and bow ties if that helps!? 😉

Only jewelry missing was our side holsters. Everything else went off without a hitch. Right after the ceremony, I stepped forward and asked for the patience of the crowd as I said a prayer of blessing over my two brothers and their two brand new brides. Our holding hands in that circle was the moment we came together in a way only God above could do and I also know that moment will live with me until I die.

As I drove home to our quiet yet sometimes clostrophbic island home traffic was nothing. I kept looking back on the day hoping that it turned out the way it should for those two humans that I dearly love. I smiled several times remembering the goofy things that Fiona the goat would do, the many, many laughs around the campfire and especially the moment that the great grandma got to share with her great grandson as he tried to clean out his pipe. My brothers and I standing on one side of the fire watching the surreal scene play out questioning if that was really happening and finally realizing that in this moment we were really it. We were the next generation that needed to teach instead of being taught. We looked at each other and laughed knowing somehow somewhere we were neglected the passing of the perverbial baton. Somewhere it got dropped but we knew we were ready at that moment to picked it up and began our new race on the new soil that had been set before us. Here we were standing firmly in the place were we were going to make a difference and the patch of soil where the 5 of us are going to conquer the world! The new covenant will be found in us.

All the photos in this post are of family members, very, very precious family members. I do not give you permission to use any of these photos for any reason. If we find that you have used these photos you will come face to face with our kind of jewelry. If you don’t remember what kind of metal we wear please, re-read this post.

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