Last Rose of Summer.

“The Last Rose Of Summer”

‘Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone
All her lovely companions are faded and gone
No flower of her kindred, no rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes and give sigh for sighI’ll not leave thee, thou lone one, to pine on the stem
Since the lovely are sleeping, go sleep thou with them
Thus kindly I scatter thy leaves o’er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden lie scentless and deadSo soon may I follow when friendships decay
And from love’s shining circle the gems drop away
When true hearts lie withered and fond ones are flown
Oh who would inhabit this bleak world alone?
This bleak world alone

Celtic Woman Lyrics



Death and dying are two different things but both are along the pathways of our life’s adventure. We will all reach that end of the journey but it is the seeds we leave behind that deeply matters.

Some will pass on and not be remembered but history has a way of doing that. History holds fast to the humans that make a difference, that make the greatest impacts, that stretch our imaginations, that encourage us to grow beyond our boundaries that we self-impose.

My friend you have done all this for me.


To be in the company of great people is a rarity unto itself, those moments glimmer like the brilliance of a precious jewel. The more we linger and listen to their wisdom the more we want.

Oh, how I miss this in you my friend.


To leave with a handful of good quality characteristics is the real diamond in the rough. The real deal. The real race that needs to be won.



I may have lost a true friend two years ago but our community  lost a true gem, a diamond that shined so bright even the sun could envy his presence.

Wrap yourself up in the good beginnings you have with people this way you will never suffer the tragedy of their passing, you both will always know you had the best of happy endings.

For you Howard. Love you.

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