Our Garden Update. September 2016.

Saturday, September 10th


We are in 2nd quarter of the moon and it’s the 10th of the month. The moon is sitting lower on the horizon then it did just one month ago but the moon is just passing through the middle of Capricorn. 

Today was a busy Saturday. 

Started early clearing out the summer crops that have been finished for awhile now. The nasturtiums have gone to seed twice over and the quinoa has shed its seeds through out the potato patch. Looks like we will just rotate the little seeds of quinoa into that bed rather than fighting nature next year. We will need to rotate the potatoes into another bed since its been two years now in the same location. The sunflowers that towered over the pathway were finally deheaded and stocks pulled out, now the air looks empty. Actually the garden is starting to look a little empty. The calendula were taken out along with the wild carrots that popped through the soil on there own and Buck-roo loved crunching on them.


After a trip to the “grocery store” or as most people know it to be the garden center a flat of fresh greens came home. New starts of kale, salad greens, bok Choy, a few violets and new bags of top soil and potting soil. Both soil bags will get mixed together so that the barely alive dahlias that were rescued last month can have a fresh start in life. We may not see any more blooms off them this year but next year they will be incredible.


One of the things that was learned with the garden this year is this: flowers took up a lot of growing space.



But yet it’s true. 



The new plan will include the flowers in the garden but along the pathways and not planted in the beds. Doing this for two reasons. 

1: space saving for more veggies in those fantastic titty pink boxes


2: the flowers will be moveable. Really want to have the freedom to move the blooms around the garden space so that the companions can be exactly where they need to be.

Our garden is such a huge scientific project that this idea is just right up our gardening alley. Time will tell if it’s a great idea or not. 


Friday, September 15

Friday Skip Day! Skip work and work in my own garden for a change. Now those are the best days! The list is long today so I better get to it. Started off my working in progress by making room in the boxes for the new starts  that were bought a few days ago. 


We have been in a quondery about our broccoli, for some strange reason we are just not seeing big fat heads being formed but instead we are seeing what could be called broccolini. After researching boyfriend and I boiled it right down to the lack of root space each plant is gettin’. So I sat down with my trusty graph paper a few colored gel pens and drew out a different plan for the broccoli beds with the new plantings that were to go with them. Making sure there’s enough space for everyone is not easy, for me anyways. I’m a stuffer. 

I can plan the crap out if anything but when it comes to making space in the boxes I need to learn the lesson of spacing better. 


With map in hand I headed out with Max ( super fat measuring tape ) and started in the middle of the boxes where I want the 2 Brussels Sprouts to go. I marked their spots and worked out from there. Swiss Chard was moved from its original location and placed closer to the center of the box, turnips went down in rows perfectly spaced next, and last but not least only 6 broccoli plants went in towards the edges of the boxes. They now have been planted 18 inches apart with 3 ft. between the rows. Actually, there are now three boxes that look very similar in design since I grabbed so many starts from the “grocery store”. If this doesn’t work than its back to the drawing board for another round of research and colored pen markings. 


We also got all the flowers transplanted that need to be moved out of the beds. All our echinacea and asters were lifted and transplanted into big black buckets during the full moon of Pisces. Perfect timing also because the rain is supposed to move in tomorrow which will get the roots established nicely!

This one last picture is the best illustration I can come up with for the time of year we are in. Leaving summer behind with the fading of the zinnias and embracing the deep scarlet color of the single mum. Bees are still fluttering about the garden gathering the last of their pollen, little do they know new flowers are being moved in next month.


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