Joy. Peace. Sigh of Wonder. 

“Joy is a desicion, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.” – To Small To Ignore, Wess Stafford


We are in the middle again. In the middle of finishing up a week of Joy only to begin a week of Peace. We are also in another transition as we watch the weather change from bitter cold ( 20 degrees ) to the warmer rainy temps that we are used to. We watched the super full moon last week shine in all its glory, almost as bright as the sun all night long, to watching it decrease its’ light. So many changes yet so much stillness. 


The garden is completely dead looking. So much space is wrapped in silence and clearness. The leaves of the perennials are completely gone leaving massive spaces between evergreen limbs. Darkness rules the skies leaving the garden beds drenched in a frozen blanket. As they would say in Game of Thrones … winter is coming. Would have to say …. winter is here and camped out on our lawn. The ground has completely frozen to depths unimaginable, it’s like the island has been picked up and moved to Alaska or even further north. The only thing missing are the polar bears. 


The trumpeter swans have migrated back to the lakes on the island, a sure reminder that life keeps moving and shaking. The red berries of the cotoneaster and the barberries give off reminders of all our human efforts that giving is better than receiving by showing how much effort it truly takes to shine bright in a dark … cold … bitter world. It takes nothing or no effort when it’s part of our nature.


The house is decked out with all the colored lights, the garden is also dressed to impress this year with each box getting a strand of twinkle, and everywhere we look we can see small trace amounts of winters frosty snow white face. 

The week of Joy brought on a few lessons that were completely unexpected. Lessons that really can only be understood if you know how to reap and how to sow. 

Sow in abundance. 

Reap in abundance.

Joy in abundance. 

To wrap it all up in a nice little package with a bright shiny bow one could say it looks a little like this: the more one gives to others the more ones heart burst with joy! Unexplainable, unattainable JOY!


As we creep deeper into the darkness of the end of the year and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season kicks higher into frantic mode some of us will panic, some of us will tremble, some of us will worry and be frightful but then there will be others who will search and seek and find that peace that can still be found through the whole chaotic mess of last minute shopping and family feastin’. 


Finding a peace that fills the heart with calm stillness is really what drives me in the snowy parts of December. The Dead Season has arrived. I’m happy and joyful in the middle of death. I’m calm and quiet in the middle of fallen blankets of snow. For this I am thankful. For this I breathe a deep winter Sigh of Wonder.


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