Shot Gun meets NW woods. Tiny home dreamin’.

” A house is built with bricks and beams, a home is built with love and dreams. ”

During my stretch of high school sailing coach a lot of travels came across my calendar pages. During the last four to five years there was one … the last of the seasons sailing regatta that I treasured the most. Our big trip to New Orleans! 

The team rallied every year for the top 10 spots in the district, we were pretty consistent in the top six-ish which I was always thrilled with which meant that we were never going to a National regatta to compete against the ” best ” in the nation. This too I was always alright with. Let me explain! As their coach we set out each season with goals that we wanted to accomplish and supporting goals that we knew individually we needed to reach so that as a team we could accomplish the greatest goals we set. Yes, you read that right … WE! 

As a team we would discuss our pitfalls, failures, weak spots and this always boiled down to individual issues … including my own. One of the goals we always set was to win districts and go to nationals. Frankly, it’s really hard to do this when others teams just flat-out out sailed our team or out manuevered our boats. It was seriously tough competition! I’m impressed with those tough teams but realized quickly that the way our team worked together was for the betterment of each other and not at the cost of losing heart for the sport. Every time we missed out on nationals we gained a different invitation. 

This invitation usually came in the mail with very happy greetings over the years. The second best sailors in the world gathered together on Lake Ponchatrain to battle it out in little wind and blazing heat or heavy winds and blazing heat. Either way we loved the blazing heat part! We didn’t have to sail in full fowl weather gear or wet suits! Shorts and life jackets were our clothing choices for mid-November! 

To make a long story somewhat short I can tell you this, I fell deeply in love With the city of NOLA. Mind you I had only witnessed this city with teenagers in tow but what that place did to my heart and what it still does to this day is unexplainable. It stole a piece of me every time I went. Four years running. The first four years after ” The Storm “.

Katerina annialated the place, I don’t need to bring back memories of the devastation since we were all first hand witnesses as the whole storm exploded across our tv screens. The one thing that was impressed on me every time I went south for that November regatta was the hope that lied with in each person of that city. The drive to rebuild, the drive to make the city better. Brightness and vibrance rang through the smiles we encountered and the generous hearts that welcomed us to what seemed like home. 

The deeper visual I could see in comparison to the city and myself was the parallel of the destruction of the city to the destruction of my own life … on many levels of my personal life. So to that I say a big hell yeah to the rebuilding process, the years of learning and reconstructing the new places we call home, our physical four walled homes and the homes we create in our minds. 

With this in mind I have been driven to no end to not only return to the city that stole my heart but to build my own home, my very own forever-final home.  And here you though I was going to discuss ” food-foraging ” with an actual shot gun!

January of 2015 I went public on SaucyRoots FACEBOOK page announcing that I was going to build a tiny house. This is true. This is a life goal of mine and has been for sometime. Originally, my goal was to finish it all in one year. Well, that fell flat. Reality crept in and kicked the idea to a completely different timeline. Now it’s February of 2017 and I’m getting closer to my realized tiny house dream. 

Sitting here at the drawing table. I can see with good reason a very doable plan and the perfect timing of why I had to wait. I have an actual budget that I am working with and our shed has become storage unit for the parts and pieces I have collected. Being the junker that I am I have scavenged most of the bathroom, all of the flooring and all of the tall windows! You see I’m dreaming of my own Dezified shot gun home.

As a country-hippy girl this is truly right up my alley. How you ask? Simple. I’m designing a simple life that I can surround myself with simple pleasures. Born and raised in the country, totally wandering through my teenage years living in cars, getting married and living in a fifth wheel trailer, finding myself somehow in the most northern islands of Washington living in a 41 foot sailboat, I believe I have what it takes to live tiny. Now, to make that dream a reality. 

The tiny house will look like an original Dezified design of a true shotgun. Two doors, tall windows and of course the filigree scrolls, lamps, wrought iron and shutters on the windows. Oh and we mustn’t forget the hanging baskets of ferns on the front porch. 

Dreams on paper and actual reality have now come to the forefront of priorities. As of December 2016, I have found the trailer and will be the proud owner of a 1994 park model that is currently located in our little island trailer park. This will be the beginning point of the rebuild. I understand it will take some time to reconstruct the vision I have since the trailer will first be used by someone else before construction actually takes place. Honestly, I’m ok with that, I am a very patient girl. 

Luckily, I have been collecting parts that will be needed since it will be at first an entire gut job. Many people have lived in the trailer as a rental and the inside is truly showing is age. The floors have been completely ripped out to the point of seeing the sub-floor or basic sheets of thin plywood. The bathroom is wrapped in a tarp because something is seriously wrong with the shower stall. But you know what, I really don’t care. I will fix it up for now make it a small usable, liveable space and keep pushing ahead with the tiny house dreams. 

One of the reasons I’m starting with a park model trailer or home is because it’s already self contained and with a few simple changes can easily convert to a mini shot gun. Having water tanks and black water tanks ( as we called them on the boat ) will be perfect for living in the NW woods yet looking a bit like NOLA all at the same time!

As you can see from the pictures below this 26 ft. diamond in the rough will be fun to play with. The layout in the trailer are pictures from a maintained version of what I’m gettin’ … at least you will get a pretty good idea of what the inside and outside look like.


 I took these photos from the internet with my phone camera so they are not the best quailty.
As you can see the living room has a tip out. Making tons more space for a big dining table for those favorite past times of Sunday Supper, being creative or seed starting in the bay window.


Above is the picture of the tiniest kitchen in the world of kitchens. This is great sized for a weekend get away of quick meals but what happens when the garden grows and we need to find storage for everything or need to pressure can things? These will be solutions that will have to convert from paper to reality.


Still a little freaked out about the size of kitchen space, where will the wine cellar be? Where will the year supply of food and toilet paper be? ” Yikes what was I thinking ” So I say to myself regularly!

Yet, I’m  still so very frwakin’ excited about the whole adventure.


The bathroom I can deal with. The size of this space is actually pretty good.  Will have a different shower/tub set up put in but overall I realize I don’t hang out in the bathroom nearly as much as I could so I’m good with the walk through.


In the very back is the bedroom. This room has the second door which is nice. Visions of big decks and potted plants right outside dancin’ in my head!

The trailer that sits in our park now doesn’t have the luxury of a desk or drawers and doors for the closet space but these are not problems. I look at this as opportunities to build in exactly what will be needed for storage as time goes on!


I’m really lovin’ the idea that this place has a tip out in the back bedroom also! My gypsy dreams of sleeping behind a heavy curtain at night can come true! Oh wait … I will need a much bigger bed. Or maybe this just become as an area of opportunity for more storage? Will need to get my measuring tape out and investigate my options.


The last picture here shows the linen closet. In the tailer that I’m getting the linen closet has already been turned in to the stackable laundry room. The current owners were desperate last December with family issues and to elevate them from troubles to freedom the biggest need was a washer and dryer. So this upgrade has already taken shape. The wiring and installation was completed and there will be another blog post in the future about that and other changes down the road.

As for now, my tiny dreams are one step closer to being a reality. The move from dream into the realm of potential has begun. There  are many steps that need to be completed to reach the end result but I now know that I’m on my way! 

If you are not familiar with a shot gun home from the southern part of the states then I offer up a picture I found on Pinterest, clearly it’s not my photo since there is a web site listed so I do not take any credit for it. I just wanted you to see what the front porch of the new tiny house will resemble.


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