SaucyRoots Garden Update. March 2017.

March is here and we are less than 10 days away from a new spring. We jumped ahead with the clocks and now we are jumping ahead on the garden. Well, we are not planting yet. That will more than likely land in the month of April this year. 

You see there are big changes going on in our little garden space. Boyfriend came to me just before Valentine’s  Day and dropped the bomb that he was putting the house on the market and moving back home. I had the option to go but since my first priority is my Mom I can’t just give up the west coast for an east coast kinda life with her in her 80’s. Granted, growing food in the southern parts does tempt me … I must stay. So, with the decision made to stay and live on the island that I’ve grown to love the next few weeks will bring in truck loads of tree hauling, garden box moving and soil to dump and prep. 

The entire garden is moving north!

March 16th, today was one of the warmest days of March. Feels like spring on my face. Sunglasses are on and the sweatshirts finally came off! Yes, I had a t-shirt on, don’t get too excited. Since the desicion to move the garden north came about I must catch you up on all the details. Last Saturday was a down pour but that didn’t stop us from pounding fence posts and digging holes. T’was an all day project that wrapped up an 88×92 foot space. Let me break this down for you: the garden space currently is made up of 9 boxes that equal in size to 12 foot square, give or take a little or just over 350 square feet has now fully increased 6x! The new space will not only allow for those 9 boxes but it will gladly accept 6 times the amount of boxes and, are you ready for this? 6 new fruit trees, all the raspberries, blueberries, currants and other fruiting bushes from the current location. I am one extremely happy girl!

Now that we are up-to-date with what’s going with garden, the world can start moving in the way that it’s really meant to.

Today, we got the 6 fruit trees put in the ground and for now we have peonies, Iris and the big white beautiful calla lilies at the base of each tree. As time moves on and trees grow then things can change but for now everything just needs a soft landing, including me.

March is looking to prove a tough month not only for growing food or getting starts and seeds in but it proving to be tougher on my decision to stay on the island.

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