Saucy Roots on the move. Tiny house. Big garden.

Something so true about the Brave Girls statement above. This mess of moving a tiny house has been and will be inevitable!

Well, it’s done. The new tiny house has been moved from the local trailer park on to the new property that it will be living at for at least the next year or so. Maybe forever. We will see. That’s the best part about a tiny home with wheels, it can move.

Got to admit one thing to you all, the last two weeks have brought more tears of anger and frustration than anything I have had to accomplish. BUT! On the other hand it’s been riddled with the pure joy of a long term goal coming to fruition. Back in 2015 Saucy Roots went public on Facebook saying that  a tiny house was in the future. Here we are folks, 2 years later and swimming in joy over having finally reached that goal. New goals of rebuilding have been set so don’t think the hard work stops here.

The first week of ownership brought on cheap paper face masks, rubber gloves, pure determination, arguments over measurements, sighs of unbelief, agony over rot, garbage dump runs, disgusting carpet rip outs, residue and contraband left behind in hidden compartments, visions of grandeous ideas, and plenty of help from island neighbors and friends.

 In just a couple days, the trailer was set in motion for her big move to the north end of the island. Skirting was ripped off, framing below the steel frame demolished, tip outs folded in, tarps screwed on and a forklift to reposition her was brought in. We may have looked like a “bunch of hillbillies” as a friend pointed out but the trip down the road with two trailers unlicensed went off without a hitch. No, actually we had 2 hitches and both were used. Guess I could have said it went off with out a glitch! ? 
Leveling the trailer in it’s temperary location has been complete. All 40 feet of her is sitting at a slight angle but close enough to perfect for me. This will be the first time in many years she hasn’t felt straight and strong … now time to move some things in and start the rebuilding process. A list will be made, timelines set, materials purchased, and action plans being checked off as the work to build a new forever home takes place. 

Have I reached my limits? Yes! ( Drop in a huge over dramatized eye roll here ).

Have I completely lost my mind? Yes! ( insert the action of finger gun to head and mind being blown ) This too shall pass.

Have I overslept through my alarms? No! Must be more deep down inside my body left to give. 

Am I looking forward to a weekend away? Yes! Much needed rest and play time is needed.

Will keep you posted on the progress as time allows. So many things happening in such a short amount of time it’s really hard to keep up. 


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