Blossoms. Garden Center Beauties. June 2nd, 2017

” Come the Spring with all its splendor. All its birds and all its blossoms. All its flowers and birds and grasses! ” – Goodfellow


Nothing says fresh, nothing says new, nothing says rebirth better than the fresh, new, rebirth of a perennial flower! Here we are the first part of June and it looks to me we are 3 quarters of the way through Spring and the blossoms of almost all the plants have opened up. Mere days away from the summer solstice and the day light creeps in longer and longer. 

I’m a lover of longer days and brand new blossoms. Yet again I’m a lover of starry nights and dreams that burst into fruition like those that mimick the popping of a fushia bud.  

There is freshness everywhere on the island. There’s been plenty of Spring rains and the smell of moist soil lingers in the air. Fresh new starts are surrounding me. New digs to live in. New challenges of rebuilding. New garden to grow in. New fresh slates to build from and new fresh starts in the veggie garden. Freshness seems to be the theme lately. 


Newness of a massive garden plot starting slow and growing slower. New projects of restoration not only for the home but for the soul. Newness lies in the quiet moments in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep but the two owls that call to each other miles apart. 

Newness lies in the not only in silence but in the noise and thoughts that flood the mind. Newness runs free these days. Newness runs me over like a Mack Truck. Newness haunts. Newness terrifies. Newness reigns supreme.


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