“The Cabinet”. Tiny house rebuild.

June 4th, 2017

Morning started early, ok, it was around 8:30 by the time I got tea in my face. That’s when all the decision making happened. Yes, you guessed it … right before the tea was a quarter gone the thought of ripping out the front of the trailer had not only crossed my mind but had begun.

With the instructions to rebuild the front pop-out and the front wall we dove in. Whether we jumped the gun or not is a different story. The rot was horrible in the front corner of the living room, completely amazed that the thing was actually still standing. We joked at first that the wall was being held up by the wiring but that proved to be a falsity. Lies. All lies. There was literally nothing holding it but pure magic. How it never fell apart during the moving process, well, I will never know.

There’s no worrying about the caving in of the front corner now. There is no front corner! There’s no front wall period! It’s got the perfect ventilation now. Completely wide open and an unobstructed view of the ponds. Perfect! Too bad we can just glass in the whole front half and leave it that way. What we found out in the process was it truly was the pop-out holding the whole front corner together. The ceiling is now collapsed onto the pop-out waiting for removal.

We also tackled the front part of the floor. Part of the instructions handed down was to add 6 inches to the pre-existing pieced together 2×4 sub floor. So we did. Not much other than that took place for structure rebuild anyways.

The front wall will resemble what was pre-existing. The three windows will be there but replaced with 6 foot tall actual glass windows. Some that were snagged from the local glass place and saved from pure destruction of the dumpster. Come on now you should know by now that I salvage what I can. The thought even crossed my mind several times today how to repurpose the cheap thin insulation that lined the walled of the pop-out but to no avail the black trash bags were filled and stuffed to the top. Don’t really need all that black mold hanging around anyways.

As for the pop-out deconstruction. That was a bit of a surprise. When I initially took a looksie behind the 1/8th inch wall I saw a moldy mess behind door number one and racked up the entire corner of the pop-out as a disaster zone. Luckily to my surprise and to the surprise of others there really is minimal water damage! Score! Thanking my lucky stars tonight so the little repairs that need to be done. Big savings there. Money will be put towards new insulation and of course another salvaged window.

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