Release. Garden Center Beauties. January 10, 2018

“Sometimes you just have to turn the page to realize there is more to your book of life than the page you’re stuck on. Stop being afraid to move on. Close this chapter of hurt, and never read it again.”

Each winter everyone sees the change of the New Year. We expect it coming, we see it looming on the horizon, we know it’s inevitable, yet we express our emotions in ways that we, frankly, blame the worst or claim the best on the past year for our own mistakes or victories.

Let me explain, yes, I do this too. We just came out of 2017. The last year was 365 days of pure opportunity. Every morning we wake up there is the choice to make the best of life or not. The day really only offers us 24 hours of choices. That’s it. All those minutes add up to how we are going to wrap up each year. I get it, it’s hard to take responsibility for our bad days and need some one else or something else to blame. I sooooo get that. But we can’t do that to a year. If it was human it would probably laugh at us.

Wondering through Facebook post after Facebook post it’s interesting how the negative has outweighed the positive in the lives of so many of my friends. Clearly, this last year was epic for me but when I honestly look back at 2017, I got to admit that there were more days of learning, stretching and understanding than there was emotional ups and downs or blackouts.

Diggin into 2018 the word that will be on the forefront of my mind will be the word: release. Now, the definition of release looks and seams pretty simple. ( Enter def. here. ) but when looking at this word and figuring out how it looks in all 11 aspects of life it gets to be a little daunting. Here’s why.

1. Mentally: what do I want to learn this year? New language, no! New music instrument, yes! Ok. So that looks like a good positive step towards plugging in new exciting stuff in my brain. What do I need to release? Everyone else’s thoughts, habits, attitudes, behaviors. Just to name a few.

Knowing what goes in mentally comes out emotionally … eventually … allows me to stop and think about what I’m accepting from others. Thoughts may be benign but there are times when we mess that up but adding a feeling.

2. Emotionally: what do I want to learn emotionally? A: the truth about emotional blackouts in my life. A little hardcore definition was handed to me just after Christmas last year and a physical change took place for me but to see how it all plays out over the next 12 months will be an interesting test of how strong my faith is.

What most of us are learning through science or circumstances is that whatever we do or feel emotionally eventually works out in us physically. Pent up anger!? Need I say more? Pent up sadness? Kapow!!

3. Physically: Time to release that 20 extra pounds or the gym membership? For me it’s the ripple effect. Time to release the inner thoughts that shape the emotions that cause me to physically well, look old and tired. Humm …. this maybe harder than it sounds.

BUT there could be a great connection that I’m missing between releasing all that pent up anger or stress, getting sick to my tummy every time someone says ” We need to talk ” to a deeper connection with my inner self or the God Almighty! You choose how to look at it but frankly, I believe.

4. Spiritually: looks like this year I’m releasing everything over to the one who knows best, He claims to know my heart better than I, He claims to know what I need and don’t need better than I do ( insert pause and a heavy sigh ) so here goes! I’m putting it all on the line and letting Him have it all. Including each one of these categories. Have at it. You could probably do a better job than I did, hell, you did create the universe with a few spoken words. Who am I to argue?

Knowing that I can’t create a universe with a few choice words or read and deeply understand the hearts of others and knowing I could never reach the top shelf in any kitchen of any house I have lived in in the past I will let go and let God.

5. Socially: Walking away from the venomous trash that seems to drag me down every time I’m around. Certain people just drag their baggage with them and try to dump every bit of it on me. Well, this year I’m taking a step back as the garbage bag empties so that none of it splashed on me. Instead, I will learn how to listen better and walk away from the hurt that does pertain to me. I will learn to empathize without taking it on. Sticking to the friends that bring out the best, the ones that want to help me reach my full potential and the ones that care deeply enough to love whole heartedly.

One thing that I would like to see is friends coming together and helping “barn raise” this tiny house. Would be interesting watching, building, and having everyone pitch in by pushing up walls or sweeping floors of the saw dust, the thought really makes my heart sing. Yes, I would do the same for others.

6. Economically: Push goal! Yes, this is where the push goal lands this year. During the beginning of January a couple of budgets were created with two different options. You see, my mom finally moving here and it looks like I’m soul provider for her needs. Not just for her happy thoughts and help-me-get-through-the-day needs but her financial needs as well. As the last of her children to keep in contact with her out of five it’s up to me to make it happen. Tiny house reality comes in second in this case but the needs are still the same. Need a roof and the living room walls up.

Been working in finishing up the inside cabinets this winter, which has been totally fun but as it sits now it’s pretty much in the same condition it was in in May when it was moved. Yes, things have changed but 2018 will bring more hours and days to see more projects completed!!

Once stated and drawn up the budgets are extremely flexible especially if the Guy Up Stairs finds an easier way. Financially, things will look a bit different this year. Just may have to come out if semi-retirement and work a bit more.

7. Financially: releasing total responsibility to someone or something you can’t see can be a bit nerve wrecking. For anyone. Tell you what. This part is definitely out of my hands and subject to change on any given Sunday so I will leave it at that. See this release word is working for me already! ?

8. Recreationally: One of the biggest changes we’ll see this year is more finished projects. Each night of the week has a label such as ART, CRAFTS, BOWL, SEW, MUSIC, BUILD, COOK. This way I schedule time in to work on projects without leaving them or forgetting them. So far this has worked out brilliantly and keeping me focused and already seeing finished project go out the door! I’m cherishing my music nights and my sewing nights. Music because I’m learning a new instrument and sewing because the pile of projects is dwindling!!

Most of the unfinished projects in the boxes that the attic stores … is for friends. When thought about … what kind of friend am I if I can’t do what I say I’m going to do in a timely manner? Release the need for new exciting big projects until the other big was-exciting projects get finished.

9. Relationally: release the need to control every aspect of every relationship. I do not know the hearts of others so I must not be the solution to their problems or their happy times. Celebrate with them, cry with them and listen to that quiet voice inside that says to move and how to move so that relationships become stronger and deeper. Easier said then done at this point, especially with established relationships.

10. Vocationally: work more. Enough said.

11. Health-ally: ( if that’s such a word ) Most people would combine health with the physical catagory but for me it’s separate. This is one that stays around as a must. You know, must eat healthy, must stay healthy, must stay out of the hospital, must not get sick from allergies, must not have more blood drawn, must live by choosing to eat for health and for life.

Meal plan. With finances and the economical state that is currently running my life it looks like meal planning will be the best option and sticking to the plan will definitely keep me from the grocery store on a daily basis. I hate going there anyways. To get the full effect of my hate for the store check out on of my first rants at

Staying healthy was a push goal a few years ago, one of those concentrated goal that would solve most of not all my problems if I could just focus on that. It worked like a charm, created new habits and healthier eating was the ticket. Now it’s just building on the new/old habits and creating a simpler lifestyle by adding new plans.

With the new year clearly under way, I’m set for ongoing goals to look forward to, a lifestyle change with the addition of having Mom closer, and the letting go of every cotton pickin’ idea that drags me down. The hopes and dreams are still there in the back of my mind but my focus has shifted a bit and I’m ok with that. So here’s to you and a new year!

My prayers for all of us is that the darkness of winter will soon pass and the vibrant growth of spring brings out the best in all of us. May we hope to be better with each passing day, our lives fuller, our blessing counted and not forgotten.

Cheers to you all. Enjoy and have some fun this new year!


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