Hearts. Healing. Valentine Lovin’.

“A broken heart will heal after awhile. My goal is to see you smile rather than in tears”

One year later …

The sulk is over. The fabric heart Vanentine banner and the epic biblical battle has come to an end. The battle was won. The banner now being recycled.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Check out the post at the bottom of this page in the related stories section. There is one so you can’t miss it!

Gotta tell you Valentines Day 2018 looks dramatically different from 2017. Last year my world was rocked and it’s perfectly obvious from the how-to post at the link above. My world shattered before my very own rose colored glass eyes. An announcement came out of left field and left me dumb founded for months. It ensued in becoming a biblical size battle with only 300 minutes – not men – to fight. Uncertainty ran thick and ran for months. I did make my list of certainties and looked at them daily, if not hourly or minute by minute ( depending on the current that was running my mood ) but the list was looked at. TRUST ME!

What was realized was I truly didn’t need 300 or 30,000 men to straighten out, what it boiled down to being was the consequences of my own actions and the consequences of someone else ‘s actions. Yup, we were on a collision course of epic sized proportions. We are talking “Tombstone” money blowing budget proportions with death and blood as it’s ending result.

Thank God for healing.

Wounds have almost healed and beautiful scars are replacing the hurt. War wounds for greater stories later to be told. “Never discount your stories. There are others out there that need to hear them and see hope in them!” So they say … Mine must be told in person to really appreciate.

So about those fabric hearts that were recycled!? Oh, yes, thanks for reminding me ♥️?. Well, them there hearts and others have taken on a whole new meaning. If you would like to see how to create such gems then hit up that link above and be ready to amaze. There was a challenge set before the employees, I worked at the local craft store last year, we had to design Valentines from the departments that we worked in. My so called areas were fine arts and sewing. I chose the sewing department to stretch my valentine wings in. All things sewing were incorporated into very personal fabric hearts, things such as buttons, zippers, bits of fabric, blood, sweat and a whollatta tears.

Through out the year of healing inspiration kept knocking on the hearts door. Inspiration I could not silence. Inspiration that has now fueled a new obsession. But first … I must share a quick story with you for a bit of background. As a kid, my week was spent in a private school that was also our church on Sunday’s. Yes, 6 days a week I and a mighty handful of other kids were surrounded by pews, bibles, and flaming orange carpet in the sanctuary. The one thing, the one thing that I can say I loved about that room was – ok maybe two – the spirit stick that was thrown to the loudest class during pep assemblies and the encouragement cards that were tucked into the wooden pocket behind each pew. These nicely trimmed out 3×5 ish size cards were the greatest thing to happen to me. I was shocked, utterly amazed that I could write a brief “ I’m thinking about you” on one of those cards, drop it off in the offering box in the back of the room and it would get mailed out to the recipient of my choosing. Oh holy lawrd … this changed everything. This changed the personal contact game forever. I could reach out and touch someone without picking up a phone, without talking to them face-to-face and without paying the 25 cents it costs for a stamp!? Damn!? Sign me up!! The introvert in me loved this concept. I could say what I wanted to say without seeing the end result. Now that I’m older it would have been nice to see the smiles that them adults had when they got a card from little old me at the age of say 7! Hehee!

Enough with the story, fast forward 35 or so years to the new and improved version of that 3×5 card.

Scrappy rejects.

Fabric beauties.

Healing hearts.

Everyone needs a little lift now and then, we all could use a hug or a smile but most of all it’s nice to be remembered. To be remembered for the times we spent together chasing dreams, eating feasts, and swappin’ stories. A time when the outside world would collide against a stone wall surrounding a small group of people enjoying dinner around a big wooden table or expressin’ themselves in a moment that could only be catagorized as “Best Moment Ever!”

Yup, this years’ Valentines are not only handmade, well thought out works of love for the specific interests and likes of the receiver but they will, I believe, continue through out the year. Hearts to hand out at greatly needed moments. A little pick-me-up to brighten a day or a way to say thank you for a selfless deed or a simple act of love to be shared when it’s most needed. Always having a stack of velvet, corduroy, or denim hearts on hand excites the ba-gee-bees out of me. With 100 pre cut in roughly 6 hours I am ready to design at the drop of a hat! Looks like the tiny house will need a specific place for sewing hearts.

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