Dawn. Garden Center Beauties. March 23, 2018.

A heart warm welcome to another post brought to you by my other fun time passion – art journaling. I may not get to doodle as much as I would like but I’m finding that words keep getting in the way of drawings. ? Who knew this could be a problem. ( lifting my hands up and shrugging my shoulders ) This week at the garden center got me thinking about dawn and the early morning hours or the early morning routines or the early moments of a new beginning. How do those look and what are a few of the ways we can savor that excitement and remember those moments so they don’t just slip away.

My favorite times of the day are my quiet times. Yes, these literally come during any hour of the 24 we get but the best and my ultimate favorite time is the early mornings when the first song of the birds play. Thankfully, we have seen the moon change and bring in Spring and the birds song. Now, I’m a sucker for new words and I ran across this Swedish original the other day.

Gokatta: (n) pronunciation: yo – ‘kOt – tah “dawn picnic to here the first birdsong”; the act of rising early in the morning to watch the birds or to go outside and appreciate nature. Origin: Swedish

Clearly, this is the first way to remember or cherish those first moments of a day. Celebrate it with a new word. Design with that new word. Write down a list of moments under that word that you don’t want to forget. Another way would be to literally get up before the crack of dawn and pack a picnic so your eating breakfast outside when the birds start singing!

“It’s a new day, a fresh start, fresh energy, new opportunities. Get your mind right, be thankful, be positive and start your day off right.” – Live Life Happy

Every morning offers us a chance to jump out of bed and scare the crap out of the devil. Yup, you heard me say it. But how do we go about doing just that? Thinking thoughts that are beautiful, just, patient and kind are a few that come rolling in off the top of my head. Putting our yesterdays sorrows and griefs aside to bring in the next 24 hours with better more beautiful moments to live deeply with. Grief will come, no doubt about it. Angry moments will filter their way through the day but we don’t have to linger in them, unless we choose to. Our morning hours are the most crucial to the day. From personal experience I gotta go get tea, first thing. It doesn’t matter what time of the morning my eyes open the first thought when I’m fully awake is tea. Most days that stream of coconut creaminess fills my joy receptors to the highest point, once the levels are topped off like anti-freeze in the car, I know I’m good to go.

Just before the sun rises is the coldest the earth ever feels. The day before has drifted on, the sun has been hidden for hours and there’s nothing but a moon and stars in the night sky to help point our ways.

This can be chilling. Yet thrilling!

It’s these moments when we could make or break our days. It’s these moments when we agree with ourselves to say yes or no. Do we say yes to waking up, to making the most of it, and to live the best most desired life we can.


In these very same moments we could say no. No, we don’t want to wake up, no we don’t want to scoot out of bed and turn the devil on his heels. No we don’t want to roar in our full power. We just decide to snuggle deeper under the covers and wait … What do we wait for? Change.

Could be the change in temperature of the room but I’m betting 85% of the time we are waiting to change our no to a yes, change out our attitudes from grouchy to gracious.

Personally, I like the dusk before dawn, that sailors twilight hours. They are my most clarifying and peaceful moments.

“One day you will make peace with your demons, and the chaos in your heart will settle flat. Maybe for the first time in your life, life will smile right back at you and welcome you home.” – R. M. Drake

“… and in the morning they shook their pillows violently, hoping all their dreams they lost that night would come tumbling out.”

What a visual this quote gives me. Dawn can see some of the most interesting stuff that humans can do to themselves.

Can you imagine waking up and shaking your pillow so that all your dreams will turn into some sort of reality and fall flat on your sheets in front of you? Now this could be wishful thinking or just a plain serious misunderstanding of how our dream lives really work. Of course you can’t shake your pillow to bring your dreams alive but what if you shook your pillow as a ritual to get your day started working toward your intended goals? You know a simple reminder to get your act together and get fluffed up! Interesting …

“Remember, the moment that you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment that you claim power to change anything in your life.” – Hal Elrod

Name it and claim it! Remember those jokes as kids when we would fart? Oh man!! Those still to this day will make me bust out laughing when someone says that.

In the early morning hours is when I am the most gasy, yes, I just said it. If you have ever been on the other side of the bed from me you would know first hand what I’m talking about. Gotta say, this maybe the moments I get my best laughs in! Momma always said it’s better to let it out then keeping it stored in!

Taking responsibility can be a little like those fluffing or farting moments. We wake up to virtually the same routine every morning. Right? We wake up to the same shower stall, the same breakfast plan, the same type of clothing, the same route to work, the same masks we put on to fool everyone around us. Here is where life could really get interesting. Take responsibility for what your doing and switch things up!

Or just flat out take responsibility for all the good and bad that has been done to you, shake the bad off like a dirty shirt and bring in new good memories like a new pair of skinny jeans. You know the ones I’m talking about, those nice blue ones that make you look 3 feet taller than you are and your ass 2 car widths smaller than it really is!! Those are such empowering moments. Once the responsibly has been accepted, because really, we allowed all that to happen to us one way or another. We accepted the pain or the love and chose to hang onto the emotions that came along with them. Did we not? Our lives can change for the better. Change. Dawn brings change.

The dawning of Aquarius. THE AGE OF AQUARIUS! Aquarius … you know you just sang that with me. Don’t deny it.

“I’ve always liked the time before dawn, because there is no one around to remind me of who I am supposed to be, so it’s easier to be who I am.” – beginning to be my favorite quote.

Oh man, when I am who I am meant to be in the early morning hours of dawn there is a power that surges through me like no other. There’s no bolt of lightning or explosion of electricity to spark me to life, oh no my friends. It’s a whole other light that fills me. There’s a voice that smoothed my heart throbs and comforts my intellect. There’s a covering that shines over and through me and those words flow like water. Truth springs forth in ways I can’t explain. My heart sings. My head quiets and listens. My hands itch to write but I don’t dare until the voice stops. When I am who I am meant to be … I am strength, power, everything pure and anything beautiful. Thankfully, I can live up to who I am in those hours because it’s those hours that can keep me focused through out the day when others need to see me in their own ways. What we create for others to see. Our masks. What they get used to seeing is what they expect repeated out of you and I. Trust me, if you change in the slightest bit the rest of your day could spell disaster for others.

In one respect, who cares, change! Take responsibility! Enjoy that picnic in the sailors twilight! Live the hours of dawn for you and who you are meant to be. These are your precious times. Celebrate with words! Celebrate with your favorite teas! Celebrate with a different deeply enriched life that can only come from the heart and living that authentic you life! Best of all fling off the masks you created and embrace the deepest parts of you.

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