Tiny House Rebuild. Attempt #2.

… and so it begins all over again.

“There’s hope in front of me, there a light I still see, Your hands are still holding me even when I don’t believe it. I got to believe it. I still have hope, You are my hope”!

Started packing up boxes once again, going through stuff that I haven’t used in the last year. Gotta say this whole living tiny has got me hooked, this whole getting rid of stuff has me bothered. I cannot be bothered with getting rid of more stuff, I appreciate the “collected”, or my new favorite saying, the “layered” look.

It’s truly clutter that’s organized but that clutter is all so special … right!?

Apparently not.

Out the stuff went along with three bags of trash and a car load to the junk store.

Winter was brutal for collecting.

Returned the books that I had on “permanent loan”, It is much easier finding perfectly good books at the thrift and buying it for dog-gone cheap prices rather than going to the library and sweating for two weeks over the due back date and than forgetting the receipt that told you the due date and end up paying a fine for it being late that is almost the price of a new copy of the book that is late. Humphf.

So what is the point to all this late night rambling anyways? Moving. The latest adventure of boxing up everything that was unboxed for the living and kitchen areas of the tiny house last summer. Yes, it was a little premature- you know that whole nesting thing – but I needed something since progress was sorta being made. Sorta.

Potential has shifted. Looks like true progress could be made now and not just because I cleared more crap out but because spring is here ( I think, we past the date on the calendar but it still isn’t here ) and hope springs eternal in my world. Another season of getting my hopes up! Another chance for a fresh start on building new walls and a new roof that won’t leak!

Luckily, this time through the rebuild process I’m headed into it will eyes wide open and a plan. It was kinda fun trying to wing it but in all real-ness, everyone needs a plan. So the plans have been drawn up! Thank you winter for all those rainy days and windy nights to drive me to my stash of graph paper! Bless you.

After living in the Skyline for almost a year things are looking a little more like home. The flow of the place works great. Not much changes on the ground floor except for a few tweaks of storage added here and there. The electrical stuff pretty much stays in place, all the light fixtures will be mounted in the same spots but the fixtures will be different and tucked in tighter, plus, they will all convert to solar power, eventually. The one very large and in charge change will come with the addition of the loft above the kitchen and bathroom!! Bonus!

From beginning to end or from idea to actual creation everything that lies in the middle is potentia – aka, potential. How do we go about reaching the desired end result when one finds themselves standing at the end of a double barrel shot gun? Oh, wait, wrong decision process. So, how does one go about moving from step one or dream state to reality?




A little rough around the edges on the list, I get that but it’s a start. Now, we or I could go in and put dates to when the planning process can or could begin. Each Saturday for the next 11 years could be dedicated to a single project so that eventually this tiny space could see the light. Hopefully it won’t take the next 11 years but here’s the reality. This spring and summer I’m planning and steam rolling ahead on getting the walls in the living room and kitchen up.

Starting with the wall that will surround and support the living room pop-out. Next will be the great window wall that is on the tongue of the front part of the trailer, next will be the slider wall that will hold up the new 8 foot high slider door. Wait until you see it in all its glory! It’s is a beauty!

After the walls in the living room are pieces together some of the rafters will go up to support the walls, this will allow the next wall to go up. It’s like a big linkin’ log puzzle build.


The kitchen wall with the sink and stove will follow in line with the pop-out living room wall. This too will be in two pieces. The two pieces will consist of the actual kitchen space wall and the upper wall in the loft. This side of the house is the lower side. Now that the pop out wall will be supported we go back to the slider side of the house and put in the fridge, this will be slid into place since it runs floor to ceiling in the kitchen. Other cabinets such as the tea cubbies and pantry can also be slid into place simply because the wall is not in yet. Once the tall stuff is in the wall will go up to help support the slider and more bracing will go on the ceiling.

That’s the aim. That’s the goal for now.

But God knows His ways are higher than my ways.

If time and materials allow we will be able to move on to the bathroom walls and towards the bedroom walls and the end of the trailer. Wrapping the roughly 35 feet in new 2×4 constructed walls.

So the real question comes into play here and one I get asked frequently … WHY!? Why are you doing this? Most people get a big grin on their faces and clearly have the grandiose dreams of living tiny, traveling the nation as gypsies on the run truly enjoying that “bohemia” lifestyle. Yes, that is a great dream to have but let’s look at the realities of life on an island.

It sucks.

For most people who live here life is difficult to say the least. It’s two people working two and a half jobs to keep up with the bills and a lifestyle that suits them. Tents are skyrocketing because they can and we are simply running out of places to live. The median home price I do believe is over $300,000 now and even our local homes for islanders projects are pricing people out of house and home. I am one of the lucky ones that docked here in the late 90’s and found one of the last remaining condos in the area under $150,000.

Yes, I could live in the home I own but the people that are renting it need a home more than I do. I will leave it at that. The other reason for the tiny house build is for my Momma. As the baby in the family, it has always been clear to me that I would be the one to support my mom in her older years. After the housing crash of 2008 has wrecked the lives of so many she is finding herself in a predicament.

Solution? Tiny house on the island or somewhere with me. The WHY is greater than me. The rest of her days of being happy and healthy are more important to me than anything I could want or need. So tiny house it is.

Even if we have to live together.

I’m good with it.

Until next post keep us all in your prayers those walls are being pre-built and about to go up!! Yippee!!

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