May 2018 in Soteria Garden

Our islands are placed just perfectly on this earth. We get our days of rain but we also get our days of sun! Generally 250 some days of sun. Right now we are seeing more daylight hours then night time hours which, is great when growing food. Our temperatures have been all over the board, typical spring here for sure. Mornings still require extra clothing layers but afternoons see those layers peeled off only to put them back on around evening time. The dew is still pretty heavy in the mornings and the ground sucks up every bit of moisture the early morning has to offer.

The beds of the garden are looking rather sparse. The wheat and oats that were planted last fall have not only taken over but have taken all the light and heat away from any other seed that was planted. Will be interesting to see here shortly what happens to those seeds once the wheat and oats are harvested. Since, the grains are new on the growing list this years crops have been so interesting to watch and learn from.

The potatoes are fingerling rock stars!! Out of the 6 beds they were planted in 8 of them are doing really well! Yes, I said 8 since I clearly didn’t clean out last years two beds well enough. ?? Bonus! The fingerlings that we have been growing the last two years will be seed for the fields. We have multiplied from a box lid full that were planted in two 6×4 boxes to now 8! That’s a pretty good duplication process I would say. Things are looking up!

The fruit trees have just flourished over the last year! The cherry trees that were planted first are loaded with green fruits and each limb is bursting out with its very own version of cherries. It’s so great having three grafted cherry trees but about 10 different varieties to choose from. Our crop this year will once again go to the birds but next year will be a completely different story. I’m the kinda lady that waits the three years before harvesting the crops. Call me crazy, go ahead, I’ve been known by worst names.

The quince trees are blooming away and ready for some better stakes, the winter really worked a windy beating on their trucks and they are struggling to make the effort on their own to stand up straight. With a little help all the trees will be upright, tall and strong in no time.

New to the garden this spring are two elderberry trees, two chokeberry trees, 1 grafted plum, a grafted pear and a single grafted cherry. We are not busting out the seems yet with trees and I know there is room for more so next year will be interesting to see what comes in at the garden center.

As for the veggies, well, the seeds just haven’t produced the way I would like. Could be the fact that I put fresh poopy duck straw down to help retain water this summer. I do believe the straw needed to be composted before spreading. The root crops have loved every bit of the fresh poop but of course the fresh seedlings of greens hated it. Don’t blame them.

There is still so much to do in the garden space. Few flowers are popping out, a and iris are making their appearance but more structure is in the way. A new section will be cleared this fall for the perennial veggies and culinary herbs and of course two other sets of boxes that still need to be built and put in place. We all have to wait for the right time. It will happen and things will move on like clockwork. Exciting times lie ahead!

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