Chosen. Advent Season. 2019.


Just let that sink in.

Just going to let that word hang there for now. Go on. Soak it in.

Ponder that for just a few minutes the word chosen and what implications that really has on a human.

We were chosen. We did not choose someone or something in this life but we were first chosen.

First, we were chosen.

We were chosen not for what we can do or who we can make our selves out to be but chosen for a very specific intent, an intent that was not only design and created in us but is being built and forged through us daily. There’s no stopping what is to come. There is no bullet dodging … it just is.

We Were First Chosen.


As stated in the latest Advent Season 2019 post ” Known ” you read that this years blog posts are based off the love letters that I wrote out on the @Saucy.Roots Instagram page 2018. They were short snippets of appreciation or sighs of wonders that have really hit home. Of course week number two is all about being chosen.

Sigh of wonder: My heart is full, my soul complete simply because my Love has chosen me. May not fully understand the why, but I’m thankful that my Love has picked me! Pick me! Pick me, I say! Pick me a thousand times!! Yes, my Love has chosen me! Wow! Floored by the decision. Blessed by the wonder. Satisfied by the hope.. #saucyroots 🌟♥️🌟 #chosen #freshlypicked #known #knownandstillchosen #chosenandloved #advent #adventtime #christmas #sighofwonder #sacredlife #love #loveletters #advent2018 #fire #chosenanddesigned #6weeksandonechristmasday

“Our job is not to deny the story, but to defy the ending – to rise strong, recognize our story, and rumble with the truth until we get to that place where we think, yes. This is what happened. And I will choose how this story ends.” – Brene Brown

This adds a whole new dynamic to life when we crawl out of ourselves long enough to see that a deep love has chosen us. Our stories start out full of new and exciting things but we grow into fearful, sometimes sad humans because of how life treats us over the years. We are told many times to buck it up, brush up your make-up, wipe your tears and swallow your sorrows, we got life to live. Move on. So we do just that. We look out for ourselves from the many walls we decide to brick up simply because we don’t want to be told to stop wallowing in our emotions. We go about life watching out for number one. The big numero uno! Do we get to see that someone or some force of nature wants to show us something new or different or loving?

Hell no!

But that is not our intent, that is not what we were designed or created for. We were not put here to deny the misgivings, we were not birthed to live a life of ups and downs, we were not formed from meanness or bitterness but of purity and loving kindness.

Oh bullishness, did I just say that!?

I just spent 45 minutes listening to a woman discuss how she could help women go from poor to rich by getting their values aligned with their purpose and living authentically with the blending of their soul with that unique beauty that each woman has. After 45 minutes, I gotta say, I didn’t disagree with a few of the things she said but she never once discussed the soul and it’s needs. Half truths. Our story will be denied until we truly understand our authentic identity and our specific soul needs. Am I getting off track? Yes, a little but barefoot with me.

Our story is written everyday by our actions, our fears, our own voices. What we repeat is what we play out. If we continue to repeat what we have built whether good or bad then we will continue with the exact same story on repeat. OR we can deny the ending and rewrite it with immeasurable strength and undeniable truth.

“Families are not always born to each other. Sometimes you’re scattered far and wide, separated by years and miles. But inevitably, you find your way into each other’s lives because in every way that matters, you are kindred. Here’s to chosen family.” – Nanea Hoffman

Floored by the decision …

Being born into a family of 4 other siblings is a challenge unto itself. Each member, of course, has their own way of doing things and their own ways of thinking how things should be for themselves and for the entire family. Which in all reality drives me to drink copious amounts of tea.

At the time of writing this, both of our parents are still living. They did the best the could by choosing to have a family so large but little did they know that choosing to multiply would end up with not only lots and lots of grandchildren, great grandchildren and even now great great grandchildren but with all those humans running around we all have our own opinions and they are based off of own soul needs, whether we understand those needs or not.

Being adopted into a whole other family has its own set of challenges also. You see, there is a bar that has been set which is waaaaay taller or higher ( however you want to see it ) then the first family, responsibilities that are expandable at every turn of the road but an immense amount of grace and mercy that has never been seen before. Wait what!? This means there is room to flub up, mistakes can be made and learned from, forgiveness reaching across the table at dinner that is kind and generous. Well now, adoption isn’t half bad! Thinking I kinda like this family better. Stick with me. I will get to the point.

Did we give up on the first family? No. Do we understand from the outside looking into that first family with grace and mercy now that we see and understand how it works? Yes! Do we love them less? No! Even more!

We begin to defy the ending of our stories and start to rewrite it because we were chosen for something more. Now we see we’re were chosen for something more. Something bigger. Something beyond comprehension but only our adopted family walks us through our journeys everyday, they reach out to help every time we show up to the table.

What our biological families can provide is limited to the wonder working powers of our adoptive families. There is strength, courage, and a force field that will help us become instead of being forced down into roles that our first family tries to trap us into. What!? Did I just say that out loud?

Our first families and their insecurities force us to play roles that are not given to us in a natural, pure and loving way. Nope, sorry to break it to you but these roles are based off insecurities and fears, so when we don’t show up for them in the ways we always have, being trained by them, if your the youngest, then they don’t like what you have become.

So the adopted family becomes very important and the decision to swing over to that adoptive family looks mighty nice!

Floored by my Love’s decision.

Floored by Love’s dedication.

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” – Wonderforest

Blessed by the wonder …

My sigh of wonder starts with this question: how many of us truly grasp the concept that we were put on earth for a reason and that reason has nothing to do with us? Ever Wondering …

Not looking for a hand raising ceremony here just a curiosity that has burned a hole in my brains for a long time. The first time it hit me between to eyes was when I saw my train wreck. Yup, pulled me straight out of myself and into what I know now as a different life perspective, or so you could say. It’s not about me. Heck it’s not about me at all when it comes to the things around me – like having a mother who is 84, dealing with the effects of her second stroke and what the docs think is some sorta stage of dementia and also have two aging dogs, one of them almost blind and almost deaf. Nope, the world doesn’t revolve around me. Not what so ever.

To think I was chosen still for such a time as this always floors me and yet blesses me. Blessed to have the one on one time with mom and her new found joyful life and blessed by the smiles I get when the dog bumps into me trying to figure out his new depth perception each day.

Ahhh, the joys of bumping into things to see just how far away they are. We do this. We bump along through life trying to figure out what lies ahead, what we are financially looking at through graphs and projections. We bump around from job to job trying to find what fits and what is satisfying. When in all reality if we were to stop and just admit that we were first chosen to be here and second, understand that we were chosen for a life that isn’t about us, how so different life would be.

Blessed by knowing that I am a child of two families. First and foremost a child born of water and into a physical family that challenges me, quiets me and drives me to drink. Drink tea that is. Blessed because I was also born of blood to an adoptive family that also challenges me to be better, to be more then I am, that quiets me to be more humble and less prideful and drives me to drink from the life giving challis of the Father at his banqueting table.

Chosen for such a time as this.

“I am homesick for a place that I’m not sure even really exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. My soul understood.”

Satisfied by the hope …

Hope springs eternal. This was a quote that was said frequently through my 20’s and 30’s, for years I heard a coach, mentor and best of friends say this just about every time I needed to hear it. Notice I said frequently, it was regularly used because I regularly needed to hear it. Hope. Hope for what is to come. Hope for more than what is in front of us. Hope for more than a life of day dreaming and squeeking by. Hope that draws us deeper into who we are to find out why we have been chosen. Why?

Why would someone, some love choose me for such a time as this? My answer when questioned was made perfectly clear. You could ask the universe, take millions of personality tests, search the stars, rub the Buddha belly for answers but the answers that we really need are in us to find. They are not outside of us, they live and breathe within. We can quiet ourselves and listen. That’s where the answers come from. That’s where we find the “why” to why we are here and why were were chosen. Only that small voice can issue a statement that will clarify so much, will define the exact why, will hold us through our toughest struggles, will never short change or tell us lies.

That’s why I will always raise my hand and say “Pick me! Pick me!” My love has chosen me to do something pretty fantastic if I only lean in and listen to the voice of reason, the voice of solidarity, the voice of love. My love will get exactly what he needs from me because I have been first, floored by the decision that he picked me in the first place to fulfill his mission; second, blessed by finally coming to the conclusion that I have been chosen by him and only him to be loved on and adopted into his family; thirdly, satisfied in knowing that the work we do together will bring hope, will break chains, will set people free, will continue to turn tears into joy, will turn beauty from ashes, will set a light on a hill that everyone will be drawn to. My love is that light. My love has the power to do all this and more.

This is why I was chosen.

This is why we are all chosen.

Chosen for relationship. Chosen for love.

One of my new favorite songs is by The Belonging Company and here is the link for it on YouTube.

But first, let me be thankful for the love that lives to love me, clothe me, feed me and always bring me to his table. Thank you for choosing me to get your work done. Thank you Love for always choosing me, for always nudging me, tugging me and at times dragging me through the muck I find myself in so that I can rely solely on you for all that I need. Thank you for showing me why you chose to Love little old me and why you will always show others there “why”. You have chosen. First you have chosen us. Thank you my Love. Thank you.

As promised that link: “Incense

At the time of this writing this is where my heart is on being “chosen”. I do have the rights to change, alter or wipe out completely all that I have written for better understanding. I too am not a finished piece of art and there will be times and things in me that need changed, altered or completely wiped out. As for now …

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