Tiny House Rebuild. Attempt #3, Success. Summer 2019.

They say the third time is the charm! This could be true when it comes to getting this tiny house rebuild off the ground. Summer of 2019 brought on the tearing down of old walls and the rebuilding of the new. Finally.

Moved out once again. Boxes were packed up once again. Dog bowls cleaned and moved. You know shit is about to get serious when the dog bowls get cleaned and moved.

The little home went through a major overhaul and If the walls could talk we know it would say “I couldn’t be happier.” Life goes in stages as well as rebuilding a trailer. Here it is spring again and I am excited to get the next steps rolling. Since as most of you may know we started this project on a “wing and a prayer” budget. No expectations of an end date since most things used were coming to us for free or very little cost. The only thing that we did have to consider was moms condition and how that was going to proceed. So far, so good. Just have to remember to rebuild anything it takes massive amounts of time and energy.

Now that the outside and siding is so close to being wrapped up, tied down, and looking pretty, the inside needs a lot of work. The list includes miles of electrical cords, all those plumbing parts and of course the inside walls, last but not least the loft and inside walls covered. We may be doing things a bit different but for this project it makes sense. So far. Most people at this point would ask why the inside walls weren’t standing but you know, things are just all different. Challenging!

The winter has been pretty mild but we did have some snow and the three little heaters have been pumping away to keep everything in there nice and dry! It was a sheer surprise for sure didn’t think they would make a difference this winter without having everything really ready. Only a few of the walls have the insulation in them and the ceiling for sure in the new section has none. The little field mice seem to be enjoying what heat was in there. 😡

These picture just show you how far the inside really has to go. Insulation still needs to be hung, those darn inside walls and loft need to be built, all those miles of electrical cords need run and the plumbing installed. Be fore the virus hit I had the local solar company come out and take a look at the place and educate me on what it would look like to install panels, batteries and inverter. Pretty pricey project but well worth it if the electric bill will cost about $200 a month to run this tiny place. Forget that! No way do I want to spend that much money a month on an electric bill.

Back to the drawing board on appliances and water heater. Back to the drawing board is something we do consistently.

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