8 things …

I was given an 8. Here are 8 things you might not know about me. If you comment I give you a number. A fun game from Facebook.

#1. I am a bohemian pirate in love with all things fine and opulent, though I wish to keep my bowl of pearls hidden from the world. My pearls of wisdom are shared but are mine alone.

#2. I believe I have made mistakes, even serious ones, but there is always other chances. What others call failure and falling is only the next step of getting up, brushing myself off and learning to move on.

#3. I have learned that to achieve greatness I must stop asking for other peoples maps and start charting my own course and experience adventure without the opinions of others.

#4. I have lived in several tiny spaces such as a single wide trailer, a Vega Station Wagon, a 5th wheel and a pirate ship but found the greatest joy of tiny living is the appreciation of the smaller simpler life.

#5. I truly believe that a snow frozen heart will not help improve love or kindness in the world but the grasp of a hand with the sensitivity of red velvet gloves can change a multitude of injustices.

#6. I own a broken down 1952 Chevy truck that screams to be restored, I also own enough recycled pieces of a broken heart that hopefully and eventually both will be turned to pure polished gold!

#7. I dream of a closet bursting with dresses of stain and lace with tight mid sections with hand stitched pleats and a dark purple pirate jacket with silver trims. See everyone can be passionate about things but it takes a true lover to throw in a little silliness.

last but not least by any means …

#8. I have an attic full of Christmas Crap that fills the house with bling each year but the best, truly the most honored and favorite parts of Christmas are … Can you guess?

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