2020 Wrap up!

Not a bad scene outside with the snow! Welcome winter 2019 from The Cabinet.

Wow! What an impressive year 2020 has been, each day brought a new round of excitement and new twists and turns at every dawn but for me it was a good year with a little chaos on the side. Kinda like a good steak with a side of tofu? What the what!? What I like about the top 9 “impressions” photos is it really captured how the year went.

So much snow covering gardens in Park City.
Dave’s Rock Garden At Moonlight Beach in San Diego, California. Beautiful succulents!

There were days of travels to Park City and to SanDiego, days of working on building tiny house and days of creating new bunk beds for the garden.

First science project of the year based on school stuff and things I needed to visually learn. It worked! This produced so much food!

There were days of going back to school and diving deep into studying regeneration, permaculture, and life systems. There were plenty of working days in new landscapes, new rose gardens and new paths to form.

David Austen Roses in a clients rose garden.
We all could use a little help in the garden once in awhile.

There were days of driving school bus only to come home with a new CDL. There were days of planning and scheming out “Proven Point Farm” an impossibility that totally works on paper, at least in my mind it does. There were days of placing insulation the removing insulation, days of building walls and day of starting from scratch because the walls were not correct.

There were days of wearing masks but the days of not wearing masks out numbered the days we did. There were days of respect and days of solitude. There were days of neglect, such as the Soteria garden again, and days of abundance. But in the end, it all balanced out. Yes, there were good days and frustrating days, bad days and evolutionary days. 2020 has been good to me and mine. I will gladly look back at this year thinking I never gave in to despair, I stayed put and remained hopeful that all this will wash out in the end as a process we as a human race need to experience.

Because bees are the bomb!
One of my favorite pictures of the summer.

Now! We can move on to the next 365 days and see what lies in wait for us. Make it good! Make it grand! Make the good days out weight the bad. Make the productive days out weight the roughest days. Shoot for more. Shoot for the highest realms of possibilities! That’s where we will all find more better days ahead. Like “they” say, it’s all in how you make it.

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