The root of all evil begins with rotten soil.

In June of 2013 I broke down and went to see a natural-path doctor.

Little did I know that life was goin’ to take such a dramatic turn.

Little did I know that the 5 vials of blood that was drained from me was goin’ to change my life forever.

Little did I know that I was allergic to so many things.

Little did I know that just a couple weeks later I was goin’ to cry over the simple new reality that I would never eat pizza again.

Little did I know that I was literally killin’ myself over food. I weighed in at 175 most of that body fat, part of that was frustration and a whole ‘nother part was pent-up, build-up anger.

Rotten soil is the bases for everything evil in my book. After lookin’ over the past few years and seein’ that all I was doin’ was tryin’ to do was lose weight, tryin’ to eat healthy,  tryin’ to be the best person I could, tryin’ to maintain a marriage and tryin’ to work out was only leadin’ me in to one brick wall after another. Seriously. I needed a helmet but there was none to be found.

My body had turned into the dumping ground for preservatives, chemicals and sugar. My guts were rotting and my liver was closing up shop. My kidneys were hangin’ on for dear life and my heart was pumping harder and faster Whylie Cayotie. My intestines were not the perfect picture of health and vitality with happy little condos … oh no, they were happy little meth houses producing the best yeast in the neighborhood and sellin’ that drug throughout my body, slowly decaying the best parts of me.

Gettin’ saucy with the fountain girl.

When I saw Dr. Mandy the first time it was an experience I will never forget. We became fast friends! She has a great nurturin’ and healin’ force behind that 5 foot stature that I could never have imagined in a single person. Care oozes from every pore in her body and this is exactly what my heart needed. What I was about to venture into scared the livin’ daylights out of me, yet I knew it would be an adventure of a life time.

Drastic and dramatic changes have talkin’ place and now I am goin’ to write about all the things I have changed and learned and I will be tellin’ the story through the Saucy Roots Garden. Seeded in 2014.

I have included a couple pictures that were taken before the “Big Change”. Fittin’ since the pictures are from a trip to New Orleans after the “Big Storm”. The top picture is sideways on purpose. See this is my thinkin’, the way the picture is posted makes you work to see how fat I was by turnin’ your head sideways and the bottom picture, well … it is one of my favorite’s from the trip.

My favorite address in the world.